Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
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  • Midway
  • Midway
  • Action - Fighting/Brawler (example - Street Fighter)
  • 12/1/2002
  • 2
  • memory card
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  • $11.00
  • Mature
8  |  Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Review
jyack , 12/10/2002 7:27:30 PM

Hats getting thrown at you - again? (pic) From the moment I inserted this disc into the PS2, I was reminded of the original series. I was never a fan. How, you ask could I not be a fan of the most known console fighter on the market? Well it starts with my four-year-old nephew spanking me like he was my daddy. “You little ahole, you throw one more fireball and I’ll rip your puny little legs off!” He shot the fireball anyway, but I couldn’t carry out my threat because… Well, my brother is bigger than me and has been beating me up for as long as I can remember. Anyway, that was my first experience with the MK series, and I have hated it ever since.

Flash forward to the present: I rented this game because of the shallow fighting market as of right now. I really wanted to buy my wife something nice for Christmas. And really, what says I love you better than “Get over here!”?  Well, I was disappointed in the fact that they have stayed so true to the MK series. If you liked the old ones, I don’t see how you could possibly not like Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. It is nearly the same game. Mind you though, it is MUCH improved.

I don't know what this is, but it hurts (pic) The graphics are beautiful, especially the landscapes. The shattering of a stalagmite is just sweet. The control is good; it is easy to switch between the added stances. Blocking is simple, and there’s a special move button. (R1) It definitely has a learning curve, but what good game doesn’t? Yes, I just called it a good game. No, I still would not call myself an MK fan, but this is a very playable game. I especially like the training mode, as I so desperately need it. I can’t even beat the stinking thing on easy. There are way too many unlock-able things to name. I haven’t had the luxury of unlocking anything I thought was particularly cool, but then again, I’m not a fan of the series. Any MK geek would love the fact that you can unlock early drawings of Raiden. I would rather unlock something that will make a difference in game play, which I am sure you can do, you just have to pick the right koffin. And have enough cash to do so. All in all, if you liked the series, you will love DA. If you didn’t like the series, you should still check it out. In my opinion, it is the best fighter on the market right now.

Again, I suck at MK, oh-well, I guess I will just have to wait and see truly if “The Soul still burns!"

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