Ty the Tazmanian Tiger
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7  |  Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Review
larsoncc , 12/31/2002 5:04:18 AM

Did you just suggest that I..? (pic)
! - It's Australian for beer.  Or not.

What, are you blind? (pic)
Hi, I'm one of your useless side-kicks that tells you to fetch random garbage.

What's so special about Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger?  You'll find yourself asking this question OVER and OVER again while you play this game.  The answer, of course, isn't that this is a unique game - it's not, NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST.  The answer is that Ty is a great quality knock-off that the whole family can enjoy.  Dad will especially like this one - Ty runs about $15 used (that's what I paid), and just $30-$40 new.  In XBox land, this is a huge bargain.  Ty will leave the kids happy and still leave room in the college fund. 

An important note: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a fun game FOR THE XBOX.  If you haven't played games like Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, or Ratchet and Clank, you're in for a treat.  The XBox doesn't have these premier titles, so if the XBox is your only system, then you shouldn't skip out on this game.  I have all the systems, which adds a little bias - I'm far less likely to give Ty a fighting chance with superior, innovative titles available on other systems.

Let's see if I can make a character like a ransom note (pasted together!) (pic) Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is hopelessly derivative.  Here are some of the more repetitive points that will make you want to jab your eyes out with a boomerang:

  • You are a character with "attitude".  Your character has a permanent grimace on his face.  ALL of the artwork has a "familiar" feel to it (*cough*RIP-OFF*cough*)
  • You are fated to save your little world.  It is your destiny to have sucky adventures along the way, which mostly revolve around picking up shiny objects.
  • To save your world, you must find talismans of power.  These talismans are wanted soooooo badly by the evil-doers, that if you leave the game on for 12 days straight, the evil-doers still won't get to them first. 
  • To get further in the game, you have to collect suspiciously COIN looking objects. (*gouge*gouge*)
  • You have to get big super-shiny coin things that power machines that some scientist guy made for you (hello?  Jak and Daxter?  HELLO!!  Is this thing on?!?)
  • The sounds - the god-awful sounds.  They came from some game developer "stock sound" disc.  I swear it.  I sure hope that the sound guy was given an excuse to cop out of his job - like "I had two days!  I was beaten!  I have a bladder control problem!"

So, what's to like about Ty?  Well, for one thing, the story line doesn't revolve around anti-social behavior like blowing stuff up or thievery.  Like I said up top - this is a game that the whole family can enjoy.  Another thing to like is that the controls are fantastic.  I only have small quibbles with the jump controls.  The game looks, feels, and plays fast and polished. 

no idea who this girl is (pic) As far as collection and future value goes, I'd say that this is right in the middle of the pack.  There is a special feature on the disc that deserve mention (so I will, right now).  You can have a peek into the development process with a nifty little video that's included with the disc.  Now, don't think that the video offers you any real insight into the development process - that would be breaking form and going into original territory.  That's something that we all know Ty isn't capable of.  There aren't any interviews or anything like that - in fact, the only time someone speaks in the video is when one of the sound guys captures a clip (I KNOW!  I didn't think they let the sound guy do anything EITHER!).  Still, it's fun to see what you can gather by inference, and for the kiddies, it shows that the people working on games have fun, are creative, and yes - are gainfully employed.  Heck, it's a nice message for the parents, too.

My final word on Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger:  If you like Drakkar, you'll love Sexy Musk Spray #5.  Ty gets 7/10 (a C).

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