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10  |  Ratchet and Clank Review
boozer1 , 12/12/2002 4:49:00 PM

Attacking with the Pyrocitor (pic) What can I say about Ratchet and Clank that won't make it sound like I love every game I play...  pretty much, nothing. I LOVE this game.  Now, I've only make it to one other planet so far, but I already have four different weapons, and a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve.  This game is about saving the planet from the evil Chairman Drek.  He wants to take a huge chunk out of all these different planets to make a new planet all his own.  But, as a nasty side-effect, taking chunks of others planet it would destroy those planets.  So your mission is to save each planet one at a time.  

Completing areas in the game gives you "info bots," which gives you new information about tricks or moves you can do, or coordinates to new planets.  So far I have three very cool weapons.  The "Bomb Glove" that lets you throw bombs at your enemy.  The "Blaster" that lets you shoot your enemies from further away. The "Pyrocitor" lets you shoot fire at your enemies but you have to be much closer than the other two weapons to actually hit your enemies.  I also got two new tools that the "Info bots" so far.  The first one is called the "Swingshot."  With this tool you aim it at these glowing circles things in the sky, and they let you swing over areas that are too wide to cross using anything else. Another tool I have is the "Heli Pack" - it helps you get across smaller areas the you wouldn't be able to just jump over.  

There are two features on this game that I found very helpful.  One is the "Help Log," it is one of the features on the options menu.  It has all the instructions that the game has given you so far.  For example, when you acquire the Swingshot the game tells you how to use it, so if you forget you can go back and look it up to see how to do it again. There is also a list of moves and how to do them.  When you get an "Info Bot" that lets you know how to do a new move the game tells you how to perform that move.  If you forget, just look it up and see how to perform it.

This scene reminds me of Star Wars (pic) In this game you're not looking for gold coins, but bolts instead.  The bolts come to you, rather than you needing to hunt them down.  I thought that was a cool twist.    There are also little stands where you can trade your bolts in on weapons and ammo.  This game has controls similar to Jak and Daxter.  You can use your left analog stick to swing the camera 360 degrees on your character.  

Ratchet and Clank is a complete game that has me completely addicted.  I give this game a 10/10.

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