Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
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  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Adventure - Maze/Puzzle/Explore (example - Zelda,Tomb Raider)
  • 11/20/2002
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  • $30.00
  • Everyone
7  |  Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past Review (GBA)
larsoncc , 1/21/2003 4:10:03 AM

Zelda box art (pic) The nice thing about a game collection site like Fatman Games is that you know what to expect.  Any game that comes out looking like something that you've already played a million times is likely to be welcomed with open arms, while we the editors wax perpetually nostalgic for games gone by. 

Think you know what I'm going to say about The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past on the Game Boy Advance?  Well, you're only partially right.  Zelda is, undeniably, a GREAT game.  A Link to the Past is presented to the modern-day gamer on the micro-screen as a pixel for pixel carbon copy of the game that we've all played and loved. 

Unfamiliar with the Link to the Past story line?  You are Link, a nearly mature, naughty little elf that shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.  You've gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble since you've started to listen to the voices in your head.  Apparently, by wandering two feet away from your doorstep, you've set into motion one of the greatest adventures to ever occupy obsessive gamers' time.  Link's lot in life is to save his entire world, which is so big, the map to that world doesn't even fit on the screen.  Never mind the fact that the castle takes up a good 1/10th of all the available land in Hyrule, it's going to take you a while to get from place to place.  

Before you can save the world, you need a better sword than the K Mart Blue Light Special that got your dad killed (thanks for the sword, pop!).  But to do that, you need these three medallions.  Then, once you wander around a forest to get the sword, you need to collect a bunch of emeralds, because you weren't distracted enough by the medallions.  Then after that, and a few other side adventures, like being attacked by a hundred chickens (no, I'm NOT making this up) and talking to Aquaman - the Elvis years (gotta have flippers?!?), you get to face off with the biggest bad guy

box back (pic) There are two things different with the Game Boy Advance version of the game versus the Super Nintendo version of the game.  The first is this multiplayer thing.  Basically, I have no idea what this consists of, as NONE of my friends have a Game Boy Advance, let alone a Game Boy Advance AND a copy of this game.  So...  A useless add on.  A Zelda appendix, if you will.The other thing different is the fact that Link now says "HA!" after every sword swing.  Let me tell ya folks, GETS OLD....  FAST.  I can't believe I did it, but I just had to turn the sound down after a few minutes of this, which was a real tragedy.  I loved the music in the SNES version.  THAT is why I'm knocking the score down a peg.  And while I love Nintendo, and I love nostalgia, it pains me to see the exact same game with little effort just ported.  So, I knocked it down another peg.

The score I give Zelda is 7/10.  It's probably not fair, but them's the breaks.

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