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  • 3/26/2003
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Ask The Community

How do you beat the ghost ship in legend of zelda windwaker.
11/26/2004 1:12:44 PM

(posted: 5/4/2005 7:19:38 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

On the far left side of the near Greatfish isle, there is an island that has a map showing where the

Ghost ship will appear evey night. Feed the talking fish in the areas to the left of Greatfish isle, and

one of them will tell you where to find the island. once you have the map, the Ghost ship will not

dissapear anymore. you will be able to sail up to it and enter.

How do I get the full mana metre on the Legend Of Zelda Windwaker
11/28/2004 6:49:42 PM

(posted: 3/10/2005 6:55:28 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

To get your mana(magic) meter full you need to have the boomerang and go to the Two-Eyed Reef(D7) and defeat the four-eyed Big Octo in that quadrant and this will free the great Fairy that will double your mana(magic) meter.

where is the ghostship chart for wind waker
12/3/2004 6:32:00 PM

(posted: 3/10/2005 6:56:12 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: The Ghost ship chart is in the secret cavern of Diamond Steppe Island(A6) and you need to open the chest at the end of of the Warp Jar puzzle. You will need the hookshot to accomplish this so make sure you get it first.

how do you get mirror shield in zelda the wind waker
1/19/2005 11:32:21 AM

(posted: 1/31/2005 5:49:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of Razor: You get the mirror shield in the earth temple, The temple you need Medli, it allows you to reflect the beams that Medli shoots from her harp

In the Zelda the Wind Waker gamecube game when your in Dragon Roost how do you make the second statue fall to get to the other side.
1/24/2005 1:37:45 PM

(posted: 3/10/2005 6:56:04 AM) Answer Courtesy of z:

You might think its a little tougher and it is just pick up a bomb flower and try shooting it into the pot. Just like you should have done to the first statue.

how do i beat the boss of the wind temple, the one with the lamp
1/29/2005 9:50:03 PM

(posted: 3/11/2005 10:07:48 AM) Answer Courtesy of pixelSHREDDER: Read DaFuZzMaStA's FAQ here: http://stageselect.com/systems/browsegame.asp?gameid=10751

walkthrough for the legend of Zelda: the windwaker
2/14/2005 3:14:26 PM

(posted: 3/10/2005 6:59:07 AM) Check Here

what is the password on the pirateship in windfall?
3/1/2005 10:07:58 AM

(posted: 3/11/2005 10:09:05 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: It's different every time you play the game. Have you tried sneaking into the Bomb Shop (through the back)?

can someone tell where the "hookshot" is in zelda: windwaker?
4/25/2005 2:15:51 PM

(posted: 5/19/2005 3:10:12 PM) Answer Courtesy of PMS Beast:

You will get the Hookshot when you go to beat the Wind Temple.  You have to have the Wind Sage (Makar)  though to beat the temple.  The hookshot is in a treasure chest, so look at all of them.  Its not too hard to get to. 

BTW..i dont give out too much info, kills the game play you know?

where can I locate the Light Arrows in Zelda Wind Waker
5/9/2005 12:49:08 PM

(posted: 6/29/2005 5:37:18 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: the light arrows are in the final "castle" once you figure out the room pattern you defeat a mini boss and receive the arrows of light.

fighting ganon the puppet, how do i kill that bastard
6/18/2005 5:02:13 PM

(posted: 7/5/2005 4:07:01 PM) Answer Courtesy of Zelda:

Shoot the blue orb on the end of his tail 9 times with a light arrow. every 3 times he will change his form.

how do you get the color pictograph?
6/22/2005 2:01:27 PM

(posted: 7/5/2005 4:08:50 PM) Answer Courtesy of Tetra:

find a big firefly in forest haven and take it to the pictogrph guy on windfall island. you have to swing a bottle around a few times and there is only 1 bright firefly to find in forest haven.

How do i get to the forest haven boss? cuz i'm stuck
6/22/2005 8:00:56 PM

(posted: 7/17/2005 1:00:05 AM) Answer Courtesy of : first, you have to go and find the boss key by shooting these 5 switches . now you have to go to the bottom level of the big room with the giant flower in the middle. now go to the door with the two vine locks on it. go in .you should see the boss door. go in and kill the idiot inside

In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker what is the answer to the question "Who can't walk the plank?"
6/26/2005 4:49:24 PM

(posted: 8/4/2005 8:07:09 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: i'm not sure, but to get the answer, go behind the bomb shop and crawl into the hole and they'll say something about a password and the answer.

Where is Makar when you are trying to get into the Wind Temple?
6/27/2005 11:53:33 AM

(posted: 7/5/2005 4:13:30 PM) Answer Courtesy of zeldagirl654:

He will follow you so you dont have to worry just play the song to open the door and if he dont play, play the command melody to find him.

what is the answer to the question "how do you treat a shark" on the legend of zelda the windwaker
6/28/2005 12:23:26 PM

(posted: 9/9/2005 4:25:08 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: the right answer is "Yummily"

Every time you start a new log, the password will change

How do I get all eight triforces I searched everywhere and still havent found anything cant you just tell me where to get it exactly THANKS!
7/3/2005 11:17:15 PM

(posted: 7/11/2005 3:32:55 PM) Answer Courtesy of gman100: you need to find the triforce charts

where is greatfish isle
7/4/2005 12:17:32 PM

(posted: 7/17/2005 1:01:19 AM) Answer Courtesy of jacob: it shows you on your sea map

the pirates riddle: how do you treat a shark?
7/7/2005 4:48:57 PM

(posted: 7/11/2005 3:35:50 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: Sneak into the back of the Bomb Shop and eavesdrop on the conversation. The pirates will unwittingly give you the password.

how to help the guy on dragon roast island after you beat the boss
7/8/2005 11:42:35 PM

(posted: 7/29/2005 6:44:24 PM) Answer Courtesy of doki doki: 1. there's a lot of guys. 2. if you mean the guy who is there for the job application than you have to sort 25 letters or more on the mail sorting minigame upstairs in the big room with all the ritos in it on dragon roost island.

how do I get the first shield in Zelda Windwaker
7/13/2005 9:30:45 PM

(posted: 8/8/2005 10:33:39 AM) Answer Courtesy of bukky: Go to you're granny's house, go up the ladder, it won't be there so climb down and granny give it to you

how to find all the trifore peices and then get the light arrows
7/24/2005 7:22:49 PM

(posted: 9/9/2005 4:25:47 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to find the Maps that point out where the Triforce pieces are.

You'll receive Light Arrows later in the game

how do i pass the wind and earth temples?
7/25/2005 9:28:39 AM

(posted: 9/2/2005 2:52:24 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to meet Cyclos and, when he attacks you with his gale, you have to shoot 3 arrows at him.
Then he'll teach you the Melody of Gale. Use it and go to the Mom and Child Isle, where the Fairy Queen lies.
She'll give you the Fire and Ice Arrows. Use them to enter the Fire Mountain Island (near Dragon Roost Island) and Ice Ring Island (near Deku Tree Island). There are 2 items in those island......USE THEM

how do you treat a shark?(the pirates riddle)
7/25/2005 1:20:46 PM

(posted: 8/2/2005 4:28:11 PM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: I already answered this question here. The Search feature is your friend!

when your on the second floor in room 5 of the tower of the gods in zelda the windwaker what happens next on the third floor.
7/25/2005 9:44:30 PM

(posted: 12/7/2005 7:23:59 AM) Answer Courtesy of Shadow Blaze: I think that is the moment when you have to reunite the three god statues at the portal leading to the room with the Boss Key. Plus you also learn a new song that gives you the ability to control friend character that later help you on your quest and you get the Bow and Arrows in one of the paths by defeating a Darknut.

How do you get under the fan in the wind temple...I'M SO STUCK
7/26/2005 12:31:02 AM

(posted: 8/10/2005 7:58:26 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

You have to flip a switch on foor 1

on paw print island there is a giant blue and white thing. what is for, and if it is for something how do i do it?
7/27/2005 6:08:22 PM

(posted: 8/10/2005 8:16:40 AM) Answer Courtesy of bukky: it does nothing

how do i kill the flower monster in th frsaken forest
7/28/2005 12:36:58 PM

(posted: 8/4/2005 7:58:16 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you need the boomerang and aim at the vines on top by holding the boomerang button. then after you hit all of them it'll drop and open. then attack the flower inside.

how do i kill the flower beast in zelda the wind waker
8/1/2005 9:56:25 AM

(posted: 9/19/2005 8:34:19 AM) Answer Courtesy of s.c.Carrolman:

You use the boomerang to cut that freak down. Don't jump in and use your sword though.  It 'll just spit you out.Only use it when it's almost dead.Once you kill that super-idiot, Makar will jump out and you can exit. 

When you get the Pearl of the Prince?
8/18/2005 7:17:23 AM

(posted: 12/22/2005 6:35:51 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to kill the boss of Dragon Roost Cavern to get the pearl from Komali

How do you get the windmill to work in Legend of Zelda Wind Waker?
8/30/2005 5:23:57 PM

(posted: 4/5/2006 9:44:07 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: To get the windmill working on Windfall you must have the leaf; there is a hole in back of a building by the shop, there is a bootan there then you have to play the Wind Song North.

how do you put the fire out on private oasis?
9/3/2005 1:21:28 PM

(posted: 12/27/2005 6:18:37 AM) Answer Courtesy of Shadow: You put the fire out by taking out your grappling hook and hooking onto the lever above to when you're inside. If you look, you'll notice Link looking at it when he walks around the room.

Where do I get the key for under Valoo?
9/7/2005 2:21:15 PM

(posted: 1/1/2006 12:20:22 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You just go through the rest of the rooms in the dungeon. After you make it to the top of the moutain and get the grappling hook, continue on your way. Eventually you'll come to a room with a weird centipide like monster. Slash him with your sword until he curls up. Then place him on the switch with the "R" button.

What are the three pictures I need to give to the picto box guy?
9/12/2005 11:35:00 AM

(posted: 1/3/2006 10:18:08 AM) Answer Courtesy of nancy:

You have to take a picture of the guy with blue hair puttin a letter in the mailbox, a picture of the man that's always walking looking at the girl with the orange dress and, you have to scare the man at the coffe shop, and take a picture of him when he's scared.

How do you get the Blue Chu Jelly on the Shark Island?
9/19/2005 12:35:00 PM

(posted: 12/20/2005 10:37:12 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

Hit it with your boomerang then slash away at it.

How do I find Ganon the second time on the windwaker? (after i warped to forsaken fortress and found the light arrows.)
9/25/2005 2:48:10 PM

(posted: 12/7/2005 7:20:29 AM) Answer Courtesy of Shadow Blaze: After you retrieve the Light Arrows, you simply find your way back to the room where that stone wall is. After that wait a few seconds and phantom Ganon will appear, This is easy, shoot a light arrow at Phantom Ganon and he will die. Use the black sword he drops and strike at the stone wall causing it to crumble making a path, go in this path to get to the next room. climb the stairs, killing all enemies on the way to open the door at the top. Beat puppet Ganon by shooting that blue orb on his tail 3 times in each form, use the rope it drops to climb to a higher platform and use the grappling hook to get to an even higher area. on the highest platform, use a bomb on that pot so you can get up their easier the next time you want to fight Ganondorf. run to the edge of the platform where you can see a pathway in which you can't reach, shoot the Hook shot at the target on the top of this pathway and go through to fight Ganondorf.

On 'The Legend Of Zelda-The Wind Waker' how do i put the bomb into the vase because i put a bomb in the first vase and the first statue has fallen but i can't get it into the second one, how do i do it?
2/23/2006 9:42:06 AM

(posted: 3/15/2006 8:22:33 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Toss the bomb on top of the rock. it's easy.

How do i get past forsaken fortress??
2/26/2006 8:04:36 PM

(posted: 2/28/2006 6:58:44 AM) Our partial walkthrough has how to get past this level. Just search for "forsaken fortress" on the game's page.

How do you do Niko's second challenge on the pirate boat at Windfall Island?
2/28/2006 5:34:09 AM

(posted: 4/4/2006 8:47:17 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you swing across. if you grab the lamp strings and start swinging in the wrong direction simply press r to stop.then you can turn to face the direction you need to face.let go of r and move the controll stick forward and back till you start swinging.

what is the answer to who cleans pirates ears
3/5/2006 1:43:34 PM

(posted: 4/18/2006 3:34:38 PM) Answer Courtesy of rss_11_99: Swabbies

What is the password on the pirate ship at Windfall Island?
3/6/2006 4:46:44 PM

(posted: 4/10/2006 9:13:08 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: It's different every time. You need to go behind the bomb store and climb up the vines, then go into the little space on top and you will get it.

How do you get under the big fan in the Wind Temple?
3/6/2006 8:11:37 PM

(posted: 5/15/2006 10:56:59 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: i think you have to use the iron boots and lift up maccar and then use the blocks to defend yourself

What are the fireflies in the Forest Haven good for?
3/9/2006 5:44:37 PM

(posted: 4/10/2006 9:13:56 PM) Answer Courtesy of DragonSlayer: You can catch the brightest one and take it to the pictograph man on Windfall Island and he will give you the color pictograph.

where do i get all eight triforce maps
3/9/2006 11:40:04 PM

(posted: 5/5/2006 5:14:13 PM) Answer Courtesy of warchild: go to windfalll island. there should be a brown wooden door behind the building closest to the dude dancing .(he's in all white in front of what looks like a tombstone). go through the door and free tingle by pressing the switch in the corner. tingle will send you a letter (so keep checkin the mailboxes) and it will have the locations of all the triforce charts.

how do you get to the first boss
3/14/2006 9:36:20 PM

(posted: 4/23/2006 4:46:53 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Get the big key and use it on the door with the eye lock.

how 2 beat deku tree?
3/31/2006 5:36:32 PM

(posted: 4/6/2006 9:23:35 PM) Answer Courtesy of p-=\[p]: just use the roll attack

on the legend of zelda :the wind waker how do i get on the ghostship
3/31/2006 6:02:04 PM

(posted: 5/11/2006 11:46:46 AM) Answer Courtesy of follower: all u need to do is go to the island and find the ghoust ship treasure map once found n u locate the ghous ship sail throught it and shud be warped on to it good luck

i need to git the boss under the gate.!!!!!!!!!!!!
3/31/2006 10:16:30 PM

(posted: 5/19/2006 11:31:40 PM) Answer Courtesy of poohead: on the 2nd lv. on the map it should have a yellow box. go 2 that room then hit d lava skwarpion 2x then lift it on 2 the button then the tresure chest shouldn't be on fire open it and the boss key is there .

how to make makar follow you
4/8/2006 4:28:04 PM

(posted: 4/12/2006 12:16:43 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: use command melody

i dont know how to beat the wind temple boss,please help
4/8/2006 9:57:26 PM

(posted: 4/28/2006 12:53:10 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you have to L-target the boss then use the hookshot, slah away at the bosses eye thing. lots of little things that look a bit like the boss come out of the sand. shoot them with arrows or use your sword. keep on doing this until this piece of s--t dies.

where do you get the mirror shield.
4/11/2006 8:53:40 PM

(posted: 4/28/2006 12:52:40 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: in the earth temple. after beating the there starfols.

how do youget across the ropes to get the bopmbs
4/13/2006 5:43:55 PM

(posted: 6/1/2006 2:05:58 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: keep trying and swinging

how do u get the fire and ice arrows
5/7/2006 7:11:00 PM

(posted: 5/19/2006 11:31:52 PM) Answer Courtesy of Miss_Tay95: you warp on to mother-child island using the song of gales then the fairy there will give you the arow tips

Hey, I need to know where the islands are,( by sea chart,) to find the stuff that i need to get into the wind and earth temples...???<3
5/17/2006 6:45:59 PM

(posted: 5/24/2006 9:57:14 PM) Answer Courtesy of link: get the fish bait and find the fish thow the bait at him and he will tell you about it and tell you the name and mark it on your map

looking for bait bag
5/18/2006 9:54:02 PM

(posted: 5/24/2006 2:17:37 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: it's on beddle's boat

how do i get 2 4bidon forest
5/19/2006 10:32:46 PM

(posted: 5/29/2006 1:44:00 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you use the deku leaf

In the Wind Temple, when Makar gets sucked into that black hole, how do you get him out of that jail place?
5/20/2006 10:07:46 PM

(posted: 5/25/2006 2:46:46 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Play the command melody and fly him out of the jail to you.

How do i get the statue across to the door in the temple of gods and there isnt a staircase for him to get across
5/27/2006 6:37:35 PM

(posted: 6/21/2006 11:23:50 PM) Answer Courtesy of Marc L'Heureux: So, basically, anywhere in that dungeon when you have to move one of the statues and there isn't a staircase there, you have to go and stand on the pad that makes it appear, and then you have to play the song that lets you control things (Right, Center, Left, Center ????) that you learned from the first statue. When you have dominion over him, control him normally over the bridge or whatever, and then release him (R or A). Then Grapple Hook/Swing over to the other side. Since you don't say which statue, this is just kind of a general fomula.

in zelda how do u get the boomang??also how do u get those things of of the tree???
5/27/2006 7:22:02 PM

(posted: 6/14/2006 12:30:05 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you get the boomerang in the forbidden forest.and you get the blobs off the tree by rolling into the tree.

After you get all eight triforce pieces how do you return to Hyrule
5/31/2006 6:11:30 PM

(posted: 6/1/2006 2:06:49 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: go to the Tower of Gods

what are the list of passwords to get in the pirate ship
6/6/2006 8:37:25 AM

(posted: 6/20/2006 9:57:04 PM) Answer Courtesy of NCfan55: just go behind the bomb shop, climp up the vines, crawl in and they'll tell ya the password

What does the boy at windfall island want you to take a piture of that's pale and perfectly round?
6/12/2006 7:14:17 PM

(posted: 6/14/2006 12:28:18 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to have the Deluxe Pitograph and take a picture of a Full Moon.  Show the depressed guy the picture and he will give you a gift.

How do I get a sword?
6/18/2006 2:51:46 PM

(posted: 6/19/2006 10:59:39 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: When Tetra is dropped in the forest, go into Orca's house and take his training, it will be more thorough, and when you complete it he gives you the Hero's Sword.

I sunk the triforce map inside of the armored ship on needle rock island, now what?
6/23/2006 12:08:26 PM

(posted: 7/1/2006 12:45:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of Zero: Use the Grappling Hook to fish it out.

where are the tingle statues?
6/24/2006 2:29:17 PM

(posted: 8/8/2006 1:04:17 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: OK to get these statues you must have a Game Boy SP hooked to the Game Cube. My advice keep Tingle on at all times cause there will be a point where he tells you to use a "Tingle Bomb". Sometimes it will reveal a statue or money. I know one statue is found inside Dragon Roost Island.

I am on the last damand that the pictograph guy gave me. Who and where am i going to get the picture? i am lost (normally).
6/25/2006 11:02:01 PM

(posted: 8/2/2006 12:21:28 AM) Answer Courtesy of bob: go to the girl standing by the stairs where you go into the upstairs of the rich snob's house. Get a considerable distance away so you can get a full body shot. wait for the guy who walks all of the time to come by and snap a pic. just as the guy and girl glance @ each other. Hope this helps!!!!

6/26/2006 1:50:48 PM

(posted: 8/8/2006 1:10:24 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: It depends what your question is. There is .. "how do you treat a shark" and "who cant walk the plank". go to the back of the bomb shop climb the vines and then crawl into there. theyll say something about the password. "yummily" and "plankton"

on legond of zelda wind waker i need help finding what that old guy in the camra shop needs for me to get color cam
6/26/2006 3:19:28 PM

(posted: 8/3/2006 7:39:55 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: do lenzo's 3 tasks and then go to forest haven. Go beside where makar plays his violin and you'll find a forest firefly, catch it in an empty bottle then show it to lenzo

how do you use the action replay codes in the wind waker?
6/28/2006 8:43:47 PM

(posted: 8/29/2006 7:51:31 AM) Answer Courtesy of Secretman:

You beat the game and then start again to get what ever your asking

In the Earth Temple, in the place where u get the shield, how do you get out? That girl doesn't follow you in so...
6/30/2006 5:18:21 PM

(posted: 8/3/2006 4:52:29 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: pick the girl up and open the door

how do you get yhe iron boots
7/1/2006 9:18:28 AM

(posted: 7/31/2006 6:37:44 PM) Answer Courtesy of zero: to get the iron boots you have to shoot the fire arrows at the mouth of that dragon thingy. then walk to the top of the head and look around there will be a chest there. ALSO.........There is a time limit so you better hurry or else.....

how do you make the Makare come out under water fall? / game wind waker
7/2/2006 5:41:46 PM

(posted: 7/8/2006 4:35:47 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You use your grappling hook to swing through the waterfall.

how do I get the girl with the instrumemt to play the windwaker song like it says?
7/3/2006 2:28:18 PM

(posted: 7/27/2006 2:23:09 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: take out your wind waker in front of her

game wind waker/ when you callenge the kille bees where are they all loacated? please help!!!
7/3/2006 11:02:25 PM

(posted: 9/28/2008 10:44:55 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

one is on the tree near the old guy. roll attack the tree to make him jump off.then the another one is behind the think that looks like a tombstone.the next one is behind the bomb shop and the girl is on a ledge next to a bush

How do you beat the soldier boss in the tower of gods
7/8/2006 7:37:05 PM

(posted: 8/18/2006 8:09:01 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: If your talking about that guy with the White Armor and sword, you just L-Target him untill a flashing "A" appears then press it then Link will either roll behind him and attack him, or jump above him and attack. Either way u do that once and then slash his with your sword. ... THEN U GET THE HEROS BOW!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

What is the Command Spell for the Wind Waker?
7/10/2006 9:58:53 AM

(posted: 8/29/2006 7:51:31 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

First you must make the wind waker thing to 4/4 (4 spaces) then use the c stick in this order. Left, center, right, center. Or simply look in the pause screen to replay it.

how to get the jelly things of the great deku tree
7/14/2006 6:58:14 PM

(posted: 8/12/2006 6:00:10 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you row into the tree

Where do you find the ghoust ships map?
7/15/2006 12:09:26 PM

(posted: 8/20/2006 6:11:38 PM) Answer Courtesy of caleb:

You find the ghost map at Diamond steppe island, you need the hook shot shot. So get some what close to the island with your boat. And take out your hook shot and hook onto the tree on the island. Then just explore from there. But thats where you get it

how do you defeat the deku tree level?
7/15/2006 6:33:12 PM

(posted: 8/18/2006 8:09:01 AM) Answer Courtesy of xDude:

Look at The Walkthrough listed at the bottom of the question list, the first one.

how do beat the first boss
7/17/2006 9:52:40 PM

(posted: 8/18/2006 6:33:31 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You just grapple on Valoos tail above Gohma ( the boss ) and swing off of it then his armor should start to crack and do that 3 times then his armor will break then you grapple his eye when you have the chance and pull it towards you then attack it untill he gets owned.

what is the ships only tooth?
7/18/2006 10:16:58 PM

(posted: 10/2/2006 8:06:40 AM) Answer Courtesy of low 2 the floor : u have to go in through the back of the bomb shop to find out, i already know what it is but i wont tell u (:

what is the answer to who cleans pirates ears?
7/19/2006 2:19:47 AM

(posted: 8/19/2006 7:43:36 PM) Answer Courtesy of Cloud: Swabbies

How do you get the boss key in the forbiden forest in Legend of Zelda WindWaker
7/22/2006 3:33:21 PM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you need to go to the room with 5 cristals. target them after you hit them the gate will open open the chest then 2 moblins appear kill them.

where do you find the person who plays the violen makar is his name are what ever where is he?
7/23/2006 3:51:02 PM

(posted: 8/22/2006 6:21:00 AM) Answer Courtesy of WizzRobe: If your trying to find him for the wind temple goto Forest Haven and you should see notes coming from the water fall grapple on the grappling thing go as down as you can then go back and up a few times then jump off it and you'll be where he is if you walk down the path.

how do you get the boomerang
7/25/2006 1:21:24 PM

(posted: 8/18/2006 8:09:01 AM) Answer Courtesy of WisdomDude: Get to the Forbidden Woods level at Forest Haven, Then make a little progress untill you come up to this black butterfly looking guy called Mothula, kill him and there ya go, open the chest!

hoe do you get unlimited health on the legend of zelda-the windwaker?
7/25/2006 3:00:01 PM

(posted: 4/30/2007 8:05:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: You don't without a Gameshark or similar cheating device.

i need to find the charts
7/27/2006 1:21:52 PM

(posted: 8/18/2006 8:09:01 AM) Answer Courtesy of WisdomDude: Triforce Charts? ... Well.... I don't know much about them... BUT... I remember how to get one! NOTE: The following trick requires the mirror shield, power bracelets hookshot, and a farie or two (optional). Goto OutSet Island and on the left of your grandmas house theres these jars, two of them, then ahead is edge you can climb on, climb it, then use your hook shot and look above you, then use your hookshot on the tree to make your way up, and walk over to the face-looking rock and lift it and throw it then go into the hole and in it theres jars with faires ( three ) catch them if u want to then read the stone and it says it has what your looking for, then go down the hole and get ready to face a series of enemys! NOTE:  after you defeat the two darknuts, step on the wind symbol and play the Winds Requiem song and the chest with the Triforce chart will appear, open it then step in the light and get outta there and warp to the place south west of windfall and goto tingles tower and talk to him, he'll decipher the triforce chart for you for 398 rupees, do so and go to where it tells u to and be ready to face some seahats because they'll get in your way then a little to the east is where the shard is hidden, get your grappling hook out and dig it to the bottom and open the chest and there you have it, the triforce shard!

How do I get the pirate chart?
7/27/2006 5:19:35 PM

(posted: 10/13/2006 9:31:10 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: When you're asked the question go beside the Bomb Shop and slide then climb the vine and through the hole. Listen to them, DON"T SKIP IT!!! Hope this helps.^ ^

How do i throw the stick in dragon's roost cavern to get to open the chest to get the key?
8/20/2006 9:04:53 AM

(posted: 9/11/2006 8:12:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of magikchicken:

I assume you mean in the first room.

You take the stick dropped by one of the enemies, and while holding it, walk by a torch so the stick's tip goes into the torch and is lit. Then, walk by the other torch, which will light it, and the chest with the small key will appear.

How do I get into the cave in Forest Haven?
8/20/2006 3:02:08 PM

(posted: 10/13/2006 9:29:39 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: This is the way you'll get to the foridden woods:
You have to go in forest haven, then find the lowest boka baba bud (the flower bud that never opens), and then get in front of it and jump in, and continue all the way to the top bud, then look for a passage with an arrow made of grass. Use your newly found deku leaf and fly to that area, enter and talk to the koroks you meet on the way.

how do you treat a shark
8/21/2006 4:53:28 PM

(posted: 8/22/2006 6:21:00 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: We have answered that question here, here, here, here, here, and here.

how do you get markor out of the jail in the wind temple
8/21/2006 6:45:20 PM

(posted: 8/23/2006 12:42:50 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

Just go through the door. Eventually you come back around with the right tool to get hem out.

what decorative object are you suppose to stick in those things at Windfall Island
8/28/2006 2:57:15 PM

(posted: 9/11/2006 8:12:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of magikchicken:

The flowers, bought from the guy in cold-weather clothing who sets up a shop in Windfall later in the game.

They're kept in your delivery bag, just set them to a key and press it in front of the pedestals to put them in.

how dao you enter the cheat coodes and where?
8/31/2006 9:32:09 PM

(posted: 9/4/2006 11:12:11 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: There are no cheat codes for this game unless you are using a Game Shark or Action Replay.

How do I get the deed to Ms. Marie's Oasis? ive tried to fine all the children, and i did but once im up on the tree with the leader, nothing happens! HELP!!!!
9/1/2006 6:32:49 PM

(posted: 9/11/2006 8:12:24 AM) Answer Courtesy of magikchicken:

You need to give her over 100 Joy Pendants. Just set them to a key and use them in front of her. She'll accept increasing amounts until you can just choose the number to give her.

I think the amount you needed to give her was like... 124 or something.

how do you get to the boss in the wind temple
9/3/2006 10:05:40 PM

(posted: 9/13/2006 12:52:47 PM) Answer Courtesy of someone : First you need to get the boomerangs and cut down the vines that hold up the giant brown-colored flower and use the deku leaf and blow backwards and avoid the squids and when u reach the end go to the door and go on the top of the cave thing thats holding up the key and throw the boomerang in the left direction.Hope this helps.

What's the password for "how do you treat a shark"?
9/3/2006 11:03:26 PM

(posted: 10/13/2006 9:27:06 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: When you're asked the question, go to the Bomb Shop and slide beside the shop. Climb up the vine thing then climb through the hole and you'll figure out the answer. Hope you're happy with this hint! ^ . ^ 

how do i get inside the cave where the third god is hiding in outset island.
9/4/2006 5:06:02 PM

(posted: 9/13/2006 12:36:39 PM) Answer Courtesy of magikchicken: You need to use bombs while on your ship, which will give you a cannon. Fire at the big rock in front of the cave with your cannon.

Hint for getting the bombs: There's a secret entrance in the back of the Windfall Island Bomb Shop (It'll be mysteriously locked at this point in the game)

How do I get the grappling hook?
9/5/2006 6:36:18 PM

(posted: 9/13/2006 12:36:15 PM) Answer Courtesy of magikchicken: You get it from Medli, partway through the Dragon's Roost Dungeon, after you rescue her from some monsters. She also teaches you to use it.

how do u beat the boss in the tower of the gods
9/15/2006 9:09:41 PM

(posted: 10/2/2006 8:06:40 AM) Answer Courtesy of goddess of glory: easy u shoot arrows at both his hands then they stop moving for awhile so u shoot at his eyes then when u hit both of them, his head falls to the floor and u throw a bomb into his mouth. u do this three times in a row or more then he dies

how to get the power to repel back into the sword
9/16/2006 10:54:36 AM

(posted: 10/5/2006 10:20:37 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you need to get all the triforce pieces (there are 8).

I got the Ghost Chart and all that but I can't understand it and where the ship is. Can you guys help me translate it somehow?
9/17/2006 1:17:04 PM

(posted: 10/17/2006 10:10:37 PM) Answer Courtesy of Swizzler121: It can be in any of those locations, you just have to be in the right moon phase. Use your sea chart to match up the island shapes.

after u beat the tower of gods, in the black and white place u go what is the item u need?
9/18/2006 11:00:35 PM

(posted: 10/2/2006 8:06:40 AM) Answer Courtesy of g 4 goddess: its the master sword

How Do You Get The Song Of Passing?
9/19/2006 10:43:30 PM

(posted: 10/2/2006 8:06:40 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: On Windfall Island Go To The Guy In White Who Is Dancin By The Jail And Take Out Your Wind waker Next To Him And He Will Teach You The Song Of Passing

How do you get through the castle where you find out that the bird girl is a sage or whatever she is?
9/20/2006 6:59:28 PM

(posted: 2/7/2007 4:30:47 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to go to Fire Mountain then get the Power Bracelets and lift the giant stone head.

after you beat the tower of gods, and go to the black & white castle, how and where do you get the item that you need?
9/21/2006 11:53:07 PM

(posted: 10/10/2006 1:49:39 PM) Answer Courtesy of Miharu: You need to push the triangles before the Link statue, when you do it right the statue moves and you can go down the stairs where you'll get the Master Sword.

What is the password to get in the pirate ship after you get the 2nd peral?
9/27/2006 6:49:56 PM

(posted: 10/11/2006 11:20:36 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: It's always different; sneak through the back of the bomb shop and listen to the conversation, they will give you the answer.

I found all the triforces except number five. The golden ship is not at E1 and there is no sign of the light showing a treasure.
10/1/2006 4:19:01 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:14:12 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: The Golden Ship is in the square of Needle Rock Isle, look for it using the Telescope. You should find three ships, one of them is the golden one. Tip: Look for it at the Northwest of Needle Rock Isle.

How do you get past Dragon Roost Cavern?
10/2/2006 9:17:03 AM

(posted: 3/13/2007 10:29:06 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg: im not exactly sure what you wish to know could you be more specific please ?

what gba game is needed to play as tingle in zelda wind waker?
10/4/2006 5:50:16 PM

(posted: 10/10/2006 1:47:52 PM) Answer Courtesy of Miharu: You don't need a game, only the cable, so don't put any game in the GBA.

how do i get inside the Private Oasis house?
10/11/2006 10:55:46 PM

(posted: 10/13/2006 12:40:32 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to go to Windfall. Talk to the teacher, go find the kids right outside her classroom and play hide and seek with them. If you win, go back to the teacher and give her twenty joy pendants, and she will give you the Cabana deed.

Can you please give me the Action Replay code for infinite small keys (if there is that code)?
10/12/2006 2:51:45 PM

(posted: 11/25/2006 8:17:04 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: There is no such thing.

Wind Waker- How do I get the last door open to fight the last boss.
10/14/2006 1:09:50 PM

(posted: 9/28/2008 10:44:45 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

could you be more specific? The boss key for which temple?

What do you do on the three dragon mouth things on Paw Print Island?
10/21/2006 9:21:13 PM

(posted: 3/8/2007 4:41:38 PM) Answer Courtesy of Hyrule legend: just beat all the monsters and a spiked chest will appear

How do you change the arrows to fire and ice? I tried using R but it didn't do anything.
11/5/2006 7:16:10 PM

(posted: 11/29/2006 8:55:16 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: It can be an error, or you didn´t go see the Fairy Queen. To see her, you must find Cyclos and hit him three times with arrows. You will learn the Ballad of Gales, then teleport to Mother and Child Isles and talk with the Fairy Queen (you can only do this after taking Tetra to Hyrule and finding out her true identity.)

What's the password to get into the ship after the Deku Tree level?
11/18/2006 7:09:52 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:47:12 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Find the secret entrance behind the Bomb Shop.

What is the Hookshot and how do I get it?
11/22/2006 3:13:25 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:44:20 PM) Answer Courtesy of No one: The hookshot is like a grappling hook. It is used to get to higher places by attaching to trees. You get it in the Earth God Temple, the temple where you and Makar end up.

How do you get premium brand bait to control the seagulls?
11/22/2006 8:16:46 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 1:03:47 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to buy it on the Beedle Ship.

How do I beat the Earth God Temple? I got the Mirror Shield and opened the door that turns into a sun but now I'm stuck!
11/24/2006 12:02:39 PM

(posted: 1/22/2007 8:06:52 PM) Answer Courtesy of link: Go through the basement.

How do you get the second Triforce Chart?
11/25/2006 4:37:25 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 10:53:43 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: It's in the Private Oasis (E,5). Before you attempt to collect this chart, you'll need the Cabana Deed. Once you do head over to the Private Oasis and show the Deed to the Butler at the door. Once inside get out your Grappling Hook and aim for the switch on the ceiling; this should bring down the fire. Jump into the fireplace and it should bring you to a series of twists and holes (I'll leave that for you to figure out).

How do you find Makar the second time?
11/26/2006 1:44:13 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 1:00:50 AM) Answer Courtesy of No one: When you go to the forest on Haven Island, just get off the boat and instead of going higher up on the island go to the waterfall on the left and grapple into the waterfall. He's in there.

What is the Nintendo Gallery figurine in Dragon Roost Island you need to get before taking Medli to the Earth Temple?
11/26/2006 8:20:11 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:45:24 PM) Answer Courtesy of Anonymous: You don't need one. Just go to the Earth Temple and learn the Earth God's song. Go to Medli and play the song in her spot on Dragon Roost Island. Play it and she will be reminded of the past and go with you to the Earth Temple.

At Windfall Island I found the four boys so I went to Mrs. Marie to give her the Joy Pendant, but she doesn't take it. Please help me!
12/1/2006 6:58:13 PM

(posted: 1/24/2007 2:34:54 PM) Answer Courtesy of WhsBandGeek: Well, there is a Joy Pendent quest where you give her several Joy Pendants at a time, and after you get 30 you get the deed to her cabana.

¿Âdonde esta la hada para la camara a color y como es?
12/3/2006 2:20:53 PM

(posted: 12/5/2006 12:23:10 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: I believe this person is asking if you photograph the fairy to get the Color Pictobox, actually to get the Color Pictobox you ask Lenzo for a part-time job and take pictures of people in town. The first one is a picture of a man who never learns the hard lesson of love and continues to write his letters. We are talking of the man in red who wanders down to the postbox every day with his letters. Walk just in front of him, and when he is coming close to the postbox, run and get a good view of it with your Picto Box. Snap a picture at the exact moment he is holding the letter and show this to Lenzo for our next task.

This second task is to take a picture of a person who is scared of anything and worries beyond what's healthy. You can find him in the bar during the day, just sitting there waiting for the day to go by. Throw a pot at him and take a picture of him when he is shivering, taking care to get as much of him as possible, and especially his face. Show this picture to Lenzo for our third task.

Next the third picture, which is to take one of a loving couple. Look for a woman in an orange dress who stands at the town center. She wants to be noticed, which she is by the young man in the striped shirt who wanders the town. We want to take a picture of the exact moment the two are looking at each other. Position yourself over by the tree outside the school and wait for the brief instant when it happens. Like with the picture of the postbox, you have to be quick or you'll have to wait until he comes to that location again. When you have taken their picture, show it to Lenzo and you'll be his assistant.

We now have to get a firefly from the Forst Haven or else we can't make the Deluxe Picto Box work. Set sail and when you are there, enter the Deku Tree's cavern. Catch the one remaining firefly, the one that shines with greater color than the other smaller beads, in one of your bottles and head back to Windfall Island. Show this bug to Lenzo and he will place it inside your Picto Box so that you now can take color pictures. You now possess the Deluxe Picto Box.

This information was taken from http://www.zshrine.com

Where do I find the Triforce Chart on Windfall Island?
12/4/2006 12:38:43 PM

(posted: 3/9/2007 8:41:14 AM) Answer Courtesy of link : you trade 124 joy pendants to miss Marie but first you have to play hide and go seek with the Killer bees find them all and then catch them.

How do you get Prince Komail to give you the pearl?
12/5/2006 12:42:28 PM

(posted: 12/6/2006 12:24:23 AM) Answer Courtesy of link10: You have to beat the lava boss.

How do you rescue Makoro if he has fallen through a black hole?
12/5/2006 5:49:56 PM

(posted: 12/6/2006 11:26:27 PM) Answer Courtesy of Swizzler121: He should appear in a cage in the main room, you must acquire the Hookshot and combine it with the Iron Boots; the Hookshot is on the bottom floor after a mini-boss fight.

How do you get to the Deku Leaf at the top of the branch?
12/5/2006 7:59:30 PM

(posted: 1/24/2007 2:33:21 PM) Answer Courtesy of link: Go in the plant things that shoot you up and keep going until you get on a giant leaf. Then use the Grappling Hook to get farther then just keep going until you reach the Deku Leaf.

What are the steps to talk to Valoo?
12/9/2006 6:06:04 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:43:10 PM) Answer Courtesy of ketchup: look duh

On Needle Rock Isle there is a secret cave that asks to light all of the torches to set the ghost ship free. I have found five out of six- where is the sixth? Is there a trick to get to it?
12/13/2006 7:28:23 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 6:41:26 AM) Answer Courtesy of poopy man: press r you idiot

Legend of Zelda, The: Wind Waker, GameCube: How do you get those kids to play hide and go seek with you?
12/15/2006 8:10:41 PM

(posted: 3/20/2007 9:54:11 AM) Answer Courtesy of frank: first you talk to the teacher in the schoolhouse and she'll tell you to talk to the kids. go talk to the kids one by one till you finally tlk to the leader. they run constantly so make sure you lock on. then they will tell you the rules and you have to find them.

How do you pull the statues in Dragon Roost Cavern?
12/17/2006 6:01:35 PM

(posted: 1/24/2007 2:38:56 PM) Answer Courtesy of Hyrule legend: Step in front of them and hold R to grab it, then pull using the analog stick.

Who can't walk the plank?
12/21/2006 3:54:57 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:30:31 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you have to go behind the bomb shop ,and then the pirates will tell you the answer.

Where can I find free walkthroughs?
12/22/2006 2:44:08 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 5:36:23 AM) Answer Courtesy of kath 17: at the bootm of the page but there terrible because it reck all the fun out of the game so i say just play along by your self

Where do you find the key to open the door to the first boss?
12/25/2006 8:46:00 PM

(posted: 1/25/2007 2:52:30 PM) Answer Courtesy of kath 17: When you go into the room hit the centipede until it rolls up and truns green, then pick it up and put it on the switch and the fire surrounding the chest should go down. Open it and get the key and then run, because if you destroy the centipede then more will come after you.

How do you climb the Deku Tree?
12/28/2006 10:47:24 AM

(posted: 1/31/2007 1:18:38 AM) Answer Courtesy of so_whats_up: Climb into the little bulby plants, and keep on popping up until you get to the top.

where are all the joy pendant locations?
12/30/2006 3:24:36 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:30:46 PM) Answer Courtesy of kath17: ther in random places there is over 100 places so its kind hard to write them all down if you go to the botom of this qestion things there is a walk though it shoud tell you were they all are. k  and if that doesnt help then they e=will trun up so make a the roks you can explod and open every thing also crake a the shells in forest heaven.                           (!&K)

What is the perfectly round pale thing I need to take a picture of?
12/30/2006 4:28:01 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:30:38 PM) Answer Courtesy of kath 17: you have to take a pictuer of a full moon           (!&K)

Legend of Zelda, The: Wind Waker, GC: Where is Bomb Island? I found it once but now I can't find it again.
12/31/2006 3:53:51 PM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Courtesy of struffs:

Bombs island is one sector up from forest haven . (e,6)

Legend of Zelda, The: Wind Waker, GC: How do you make the Jaboul Stone explode?
1/1/2007 1:51:47 AM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Courtesy of 666:

shoot bombs at it

Legend of Zelda, The: Wind Waker, GC: How do you make the Jaboul Stone blow up?
1/1/2007 11:52:05 AM

(posted: 4/25/2007 8:12:52 AM) Answer Courtesy of mischief:

u shoot bombs at da loose roks

After you are told to go to the Temples after you meet the King, how do you get past the big fan?
1/1/2007 4:00:20 PM

(posted: 3/5/2007 3:20:27 PM) Answer Courtesy of Bobby Jekleston: Use the iron boots that you get on the ice ring isle, then use the skull hammer to smash it.

How do you read the Octo Chart?
1/1/2007 8:42:46 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:23:21 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: i think you have to go to tingle island and talk to tingle

What is the password on the pirate ship?
1/6/2007 1:59:54 PM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:30:56 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: go in the back of the bomb shop go round the back sidle across and climd up the vines

How do I get the slugs off of the Deku Tree's face?
1/12/2007 4:05:39 PM

(posted: 2/7/2007 4:23:11 PM) Answer Courtesy of hero of time: Roll into the Deku Tree's face.

On Needle Rock Island I have lit up all six torches but what do I do next?
1/18/2007 5:11:24 AM

(posted: 3/13/2007 10:29:02 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg:

once all 6 torches have been lit a chest will appear on the ground near the exit this contains 100 rupees. there is alo another chest on this island but it is surrounded by a ring of fire around it in order to retrieve the heart piece inside the chest you need to deal with the kargarocs that are circling the rock tower then use a pear to take control of a seagull and hit the switch on the rock tower in order to remove the flames surrounding the chest

How do I set my three pearls on the Sea Chart?
1/18/2007 5:56:33 PM

(posted: 2/7/2007 4:26:30 PM) Answer Courtesy of link: Go to the three islands adjacent to each other on the map and walk up to them. A movie scene will cut in, then the Temple of the Gods will appear.

How I can get the boomerang?
1/19/2007 5:45:49 AM

(posted: 3/13/2007 6:41:26 AM) Answer Courtesy of David D: You need to beat the fly in the room in forskn fortits

What do I get if I solve the puzzle on the Private Oasis?
1/22/2007 10:01:31 AM

(posted: 3/13/2007 3:22:24 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg:

it depends if you are talking about the puzzels on the wall ? if thats the case then there are 16 puzzels to complete and youre reward for doing so is lots of rupees ! you can complete them as often as you wish throughout the game or if you need to restock on rupees

How do I get past the mouth that spits out water continuously in the Temple of the Gods?
1/28/2007 11:59:38 AM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:43:16 PM) Answer Courtesy of awesomeo: you need to get the iron boots found at Ice Ring Isle, and to get in there you need to get the fire arrows found on mother and child isle, and to get in there you need to shoot arrows at the red frog in cyclones, and to get arrows you need to beat the tower of the gods, and to get there you need to get all three pearls, and its pretty self explainitory from there

Where is the second Triforce Chart?
1/28/2007 12:36:34 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:24:29 AM) Answer Courtesy of bones:

just keep looking in the mail boxes until tingle sends you a letter whith an incredible chart that tells you where there all at.

What is the point of spending rupies to become a Silver Member in the shopships?
1/31/2007 2:09:41 AM

(posted: 3/8/2007 4:40:37 PM) Answer Courtesy of anonomys: there really is no point but you do get a refill coupon

After destroying the cannons on the Isle of Steel, how do I get the Triforce Chart? I keep playing the song on the symbol, and nothing happens.
1/31/2007 4:10:24 PM

(posted: 6/6/2007 3:04:04 PM) Answer Courtesy of AUSTIN HILL: You go inside and stand on the wind symbol then you play the winds requiem  and a treaser chest will apear.  Open it and there will be the chart

Who are the two Sages and where can I find them?
2/4/2007 3:30:01 AM

(posted: 3/21/2007 7:47:21 AM) Answer Courtesy of Eleniel: Remember back at Dragon roost Island, the Bird girl that takes the place as Valoos Attemdent? Well she is one of the gods. whenyou go to Dragon Roost, Listen for music (no the ones that play constently but a soother kind,)  {entrance and go up up up!)  The 2nd Sage is Merkor at the Forest haven!. Hes under the waterfall near just when you get there. again Listen for music!

Makar is in the Wind Temple jail- how do I get him out?
2/4/2007 9:02:07 AM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:24:01 AM) Answer Courtesy of Blu Chu: Get a Hookshot... (mid-bosses stink)

I got the picture (in color) of the blonde girl trying to get in the safe, but I can't get the eskimo to look at it in the Stall Stop?
2/6/2007 3:19:56 AM

(posted: 3/8/2007 4:40:32 PM) Answer Courtesy of ???: you dont take a picture you run behind her when she is stealing from the safe and the A button will say speak so you talk to her and if you answer a question wrong she will run away.(there will be about 4 questions so if she gives you a bottle and runs away dont worry because you have finished the sidequest)

what is the answer to the puzzle in the oasis
2/10/2007 3:03:54 PM

(posted: 6/30/2007 10:58:48 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: there is no answer really you just have to keep fiddling around with the pieces until they come into the shape of the bay on outset with snot comin out of his nose (picture is also on opposite wall)

im in the wind temple and makar is in prison and there is a huge stone blocking the way to get makar out how do u remove the stone?
2/11/2007 11:37:43 AM

(posted: 3/7/2007 11:31:44 PM) Answer Courtesy of David: You need to put on the iron boots and use the hook shot and fire it at the rock

I went back to hyrule castle.went down the stairs and princess zelda was there and she diapears.then these 2 giant monsters come down and you have to cut there armor off to damage them. i died and it ask me to save and as usual i kept pressing yes and when i came bac and i only had 3 hearts i cannot beet them. can i reverse this?i want out of ther
2/13/2007 7:23:53 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:23:55 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You can't you just have to practice sucker.

how do i defeat the first quest for the color pictobox
2/18/2007 11:20:12 AM

(posted: 3/12/2007 7:47:32 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: look at other ones this has been answered at LEAST TWICE

on zelda the windwaker how do you get into the temple where the statue is blowing wind out of his mouth
2/18/2007 4:05:38 PM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Courtesy of 666: u use the iron boots to get to the stone head and use the skull hammer to destroy it

in the wind temple how do you get under the fan and how do u get to the boss after that?(the legand of zelda:the wind waker)
2/19/2007 4:22:43 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 3:03:23 PM) Answer Courtesy of thegamemaster: just use ur iron boots u find in the ice mountain then u go to the mouth thing then u use the skull hammer to break it

on the legand of zelda the windwaker what is the pefectly round pale thing i need to take a picture of
2/22/2007 2:02:29 AM

(posted: 3/13/2007 3:22:01 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg: the answer is you need to take a picture of a full moon and show it to the guy sitting on the steps on winfall island

Where is the stone wall that has to be opend after you meet 2 sages?
2/24/2007 11:47:48 AM

(posted: 8/17/2007 7:14:17 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: If you're talking about Jabun (third god) the stone wall is behind outset island

Note:You have to get the power braclets from the fire mountain and the iron boots from the ice place.
If you're talking about the stone walls with the wind waker signs you get makar by playing the song in front of him from the north and bringing him to the northern place, play the song with him and the wall will calapse. Get the bird girl from dragon roost by playing the song in front of her from the south and bringing her to the southern place, play the song with her and the wall will calapse.

I want to do the full gallery but I can only take 3 pictographs. How do I save pics to make more without erasing???
2/27/2007 2:03:33 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 3:21:55 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg: unfortunatley you have to keep warping back and forth to the nintendo island and have the sculptures made [3 at at a time]  in order for you to be able to erase them to take more photos  i do not know of any other way of saving them im afriad  

In legend of zelda the windwaker, what is the pictograph the guy on windfall island is trying to get, and how do I get it?
2/28/2007 5:46:49 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 10:28:57 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg:

the guy on winfall island is after a picture of a full moon you need to take a photo of the moon and show it to him in return he will reward you

were do you find makar after lerning the windGod lyrics??!! I'm stuck
3/10/2007 3:44:50 AM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Courtesy of struffs: To find makar you have to go to forest haven and go infront of the waterfall and grapple  on the grappling stick  and swing into the waterfall.

what do pirates like more than the sea
3/11/2007 6:12:51 AM

(posted: 3/17/2007 12:11:27 PM) Answer Courtesy of ME#+koowl:

go to the back of the bomb shop by seeing neer were the lion bout thing picks you up, go to the shop near there and go behind it and find the vines, climb them, go in the crawl in the door and then you listen to the pirates:the answer is treasure

how do you get the color picto box
3/13/2007 3:15:47 PM

(posted: 3/13/2007 10:28:40 PM) Answer Courtesy of katzenberg: if you are refering to the "picto box" then you will find this on winfall island somewhere on this island there is a man dressed like elvis dancing near him there is a wooden door in there tingle wishes to be released from the jailhouse in order to do this smash the vases near by and you will find a switch step on this and free tingle but dont leave just yet in the jailhouse there is a box that needs to be moved behind it yu will find a tunnel crawl through this and watch out for the rats nd avoid the wooden boards eventualy you will find a little cave where you will find the picto box which is black and white only you will need to complete another quest later on in order to recieve the deluxe picto box

how to beat forest heaven
3/15/2007 5:02:27 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:23:30 AM) Answer Courtesy of supergirl:

You will nee the Deku Leef a lot. Keep going from room to room until you are able to get to the boss.

It is a giant plant. You have to have a boomerang to beat him. Use the boomerang to cut the vines he

uses to hang onto the celing and when he falls down slash at the funny eye thing in the center. I would

be smart to have faries with you when you go to tackel him!

I don't understand the answer to 'how do I throw a bomb in the second pot?" (dragon roost) what do you mean stand on the rock? the first statue or a random rock?
3/17/2007 4:02:38 PM

(posted: 3/18/2007 6:20:36 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You have to stand on the fallen statue. It's kind of hard to get the bomb in, but possible.

how do i use the mirror shield in zelda wind waker
3/20/2007 6:33:53 PM

(posted: 3/30/2007 5:47:20 AM) Answer Courtesy of stuffs:

To use the mirror shield you have to strike your sword then press R to aim.

On Zelda Wind Waker on the Pirtes Ship it asks you a question to open the door and the question is..."A ships only tooth is a..." does anyone know the answer?
3/20/2007 7:39:13 PM

(posted: 4/30/2007 8:05:54 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: I think you have to go into the back of the bomb shop in windfall island and then you crawl into the hole and then you will see the pirates listen to what they say it you miss the answer you will have to reset the game to reach the hole in the back of the bomb shop you go to the side aand slide on the wall (like you did in the forseenken forset) and then you climb up the vines then you crawl into the hole! i hope i helped!

How do you get Marker out of the wind temple jail
3/23/2007 1:58:12 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:23:26 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: find the hookshot once you have thet go back where makar is. there should be a target on top of the big statues head.put the iron boots on and aim at the giant statues head with the hookshot and it should fall and break (be sure to stay clear when it falls costs half a heart.)

how do you help the guy on dragon roost island thats waiting for a job interview and cant get up?
3/24/2007 5:48:02 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 3:03:20 PM) Answer Courtesy of 213:

I think you cant help him

How do you help the guy on Dragon Roost Island that's there for a job interview?
3/28/2007 1:42:31 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 3:03:16 PM) Answer Courtesy of lild:  you haft to go and do the letter sorting mini game(you havet to sort 25) 

The guy who looks madhe said take a pitchure perfectly round, pale, thing what is that
3/29/2007 7:57:56 PM

(posted: 4/30/2007 8:05:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of basscomm: The Moon.

how do i beat the first level without my sowrd
4/1/2007 10:27:11 AM

(posted: 4/13/2007 7:40:09 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You either smash a vase that has sticks in it and use the stick, or use the enemies weapon

where do you find makar if he isn't at the wind temple or forest haven?
4/5/2007 9:16:58 PM

(posted: 6/25/2007 8:26:19 AM) Answer Courtesy of zelda101: beat the boss at the forest haven evil area and youll see him in the middle of the twirly wind thing to get out of the forest haven area.

how do you get the super strength ability
4/7/2007 6:32:37 AM

(posted: 6/25/2007 8:26:14 AM) Answer Courtesy of 945: you have to get to fire mountain it is one square down of dragon roost island there you will receive the power bracelets to get in you must fight cyclos to find him you  need to find a cyclone and hit him with the hero's bow and he will teach you the ballad of gales once you have it warp to mother and child island andyou will meet a fairy she will give you ice and fire arrows now go to fire mountain and hit the top of it and you will have to get inside before time runs out

On wind waker I'm stuck in a room with 2 darknuts and only 3 hearts, no faries or soup. What can I do 'cos I keep dying.
4/7/2007 8:53:52 AM

(posted: 6/25/2007 8:26:08 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: lock on to them. when your sword flashes green, press "a". this should take off their armor. then proceed by kicking their butts. 

were do the killerbeegang hide
4/7/2007 9:32:28 PM

(posted: 5/12/2007 11:20:47 AM) Answer Courtesy of Quinnator: one behind grave,one behind a bush,one behind bomb shop and the last one is on a Tree.(run into it and the kid will drop!)♣Good Luck♣

Zelda forest temple 4 windmills how to open?
4/8/2007 7:01:36 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:23:22 AM) Answer Courtesy of callum: you need to have the power braclets

In Zelda the Wind Maker, how do I lift the stone head?
4/9/2007 8:41:01 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 11:26:35 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: get the power bracelets

how do i get makar out of that room blocked by the statue, i tried carring it but it doesn't work?
4/11/2007 3:05:13 PM

(posted: 4/30/2007 8:05:54 AM) Answer Courtesy of jake:

Put on the iron boots and shoot the target at the top of the statue with the hookshot

4/25/2007 9:53:46 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:23:09 PM) Answer Courtesy of Eldricht: This question has been answered many times, go behind the bomb shop on windfall island, climb up the vines at the back wall, then crawl into the hole and a cutscene will play, at the end they will tell you the password.

where do you find the killer bee's on windfall island on triforce chart 2?
4/29/2007 7:46:15 AM

(posted: 7/15/2007 3:03:12 PM) Answer Courtesy of game master: the killer bees r close to tat girl wearing orange talk to their teacher and ur'll be playing hide and seek with them

How does Link in Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker walk on water, and if he can what is the cheat code for it?
5/3/2007 8:06:13 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:13:43 PM) Answer Courtesy of Eldricht: you cannot walk on water without an action replay, if you have it, look up on google "Legend of Zelda: Wind waker action replay codes" without the quotes

How do you destroy the third statue in the Earth Temple?
5/4/2007 5:57:12 PM

(posted: 10/16/2007 7:56:30 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: You can destroy statues by hitting them with light. You can do this by controlling Medli with the song you learned in the temple of the gods. When you are her, go to a spot with a gleam of light and when you see the A button flash on screen hit it and aim Medli's instrument at the statue. 

is it possible to restart the water temple
5/9/2007 3:22:08 PM

(posted: 12/22/2007 11:24:07 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: There is no Water Temple in this game. Try another section.

what do I do after getting the master sword? and how
5/14/2007 5:10:23 PM

(posted: 6/4/2007 7:23:15 AM) Answer Courtesy of supergirl:

After you get the master sword there is a very fun part in the game. You have to destroy

all the ugly creatures marching around the castle. Here is a hint, go to the top floor and kill

all the dudes up there. Then stand on the landing and pull out your arrows. You can shoot the

pigs. You can't though, knock off the knights armor so don't try it. You may also want to lure one

or two enemys at a time so you don't have six freaks attacking you at once. Not fun. You can attract

their attention by using bombs. Good luck!

do you know how to get into the beta levels on the legend of zelda wind waker
5/15/2007 8:43:51 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 3:03:05 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: USE ACTION REPLAY

how do you get the mirrorshild in the legend of zelda windwaker
5/16/2007 3:21:30 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:22:59 PM) Answer Courtesy of Earth Temple: At the Earth Temple

where is all the items that you give zunari i know theres about thirteen of them
5/19/2007 8:37:49 PM

(posted: 6/28/2008 7:51:15 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

i know 3 of them one's on great fish island (2,d) 2 one is on mother and child island (2,f) (u can also get the fire and ice arrows)

the last one is on bomb island (e,6). 

in the legand of zelda windwaker, in the final castle, what is the door pattern I can't figure it out.
6/6/2007 12:44:26 PM

(posted: 6/25/2007 8:25:55 AM) Answer Courtesy of jared banta: the handle of the sword of phantom gannon points to the next door.

ay i stoped playing the game and just started up what the hell is the password to get on the ship after they leave the bomb place and steel the bombs
6/8/2007 2:24:50 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:22:39 PM) Answer Courtesy of Eldricht: Step 1. Go behind the bomb shop.
Step 2. Climb up the vines.
Step 3. Watch the scene and read the pass at the end, it will be highlighted in red.

what is the ship's tooth
6/9/2007 12:50:13 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:22:48 PM) Answer Courtesy of Eldricht: Go behind the bomb shop, climb up the vines, go in the hole, they will tell you the pass.

how to beat Ganon in Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker
6/10/2007 2:00:42 PM

(posted: 12/22/2007 11:24:01 PM) Answer Courtesy of Zman0122:

to beat the ganon puppet u must shoot its blue orb tail 3 times with the light arrows then it/he will change form do the same thing twice than he shall flee to the top of the castle where u will have a great sword fight acompained by zelda. I hoped this helped!

What do you do to beable to enter the chamber in the steel isle in zelda windwaker?
6/11/2007 6:59:00 PM

(posted: 8/17/2007 7:14:08 AM) Answer Courtesy of pokemon: bombs in boat

How Do You Get Light Arrows?
6/13/2007 12:11:14 PM

(posted: 12/22/2007 11:23:55 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: If  you mean the fire and ice arrows you get those from a fairy on top of Mother&Child Isles.You will need to know the Gales song first though, because there is no other way to get up there unless you use the Gales song and warp to Mother&Child Isles.

how do i get to the third statue in the legend of zelda wind waker?
6/14/2007 4:23:28 PM

(posted: 3/26/2008 8:04:50 AM) Answer Courtesy of nothingtodo:

sorry this doesnt have anything to do with dis but here are some pictures of where the killer bees are hiding

Go to the schoolhouse during the day and talk to the teacher. After you're done chatting, exit and talk to the gang of kids outside. The Killer Bees, as the kids call themselves, will hide somewhere in town -- and it's up to you to find them.

The first kid is hiding on top of the tree at the entrance to the town. The trick to getting him down is to roll into the tree (run forward + A). Once the kid's on the ground, he will run away. Follow him and catch up by performing rolls. The second kid is hiding in the back of the bomb shop. Float or sidle over there.

The third kid is hiding behind the stone with the Elvis wannabe on the cliff. The fourth kid is up on the walkway next to the town gate -- hiding behind a bush. Chase her down and you will have found all the kids.

i have scratched my the legend of zelda the windwaker a lot so how do i fix it?
6/20/2007 10:47:09 AM

(posted: 1/14/2008 2:43:55 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Try a disc scratch cleaning kit. They are about $10 and are sold everywhere. If that doesn't work, then you'll probably have to buy the game again. Wind Waker sells for about $20 used.

where do i get the second triforce chart?
6/22/2007 4:17:40 PM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:22:29 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

just look on your tingle chart and it will tell u where every single triforce chart is

in the legend of zelda the wind waker what is the ships only tooth?
6/24/2007 11:38:16 AM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:22:20 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

If you are talking about the pirate's riddle i don't know the answer but talk to your boat

where is the 5th boy hiding on windfall island in zelda the legend of the windwaker?
6/25/2007 1:28:24 AM

(posted: 7/15/2007 2:13:24 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: there r only 4 kids. one is behind the bomb shop, one is up in the tree near the poor guy was walking around, one behind the stone near the dancing guy, and the last one is behind a bush around the center of town. sorry, i dont remember specificly what bush.

how do you sneek into the bomb shop
7/16/2007 11:12:10 AM

(posted: 8/13/2007 7:18:12 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: On the left side of the bomb shop, ther is a place where you need to sidle to get to the back of the bomb shop. Then look at the back of the bomb shop, there should be moss going up the back of it. Climb up the moss like a ladder. At the top, you should see a hole in the wall, crawl through it. Then you will be inside the bomb shop.

how do you get to the forbidden forest in the legend of zelda the wind waker
7/17/2007 8:01:51 PM

(posted: 12/22/2007 11:23:49 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: talk to the tree  and then hell give u a leaf  to mke u fly, get it by jumping in the puple things and then follow the weird kids

what is the password for who cant walk the plank
7/20/2007 9:31:20 AM

(posted: 8/13/2007 7:18:07 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: To get the answer, you must sneak into the bomb shop. To sneak into the bomb shop you must go to the left side of the bomb shop, where there is a place whereyou need to sidle to get to the back of the bomb shop. Once you are at the back of the bomb shop, you will see some moss going up the side of the building limb up it. At the top, you will see a hle in the wall, crawl through it, and then you will be inside the bomb shop, walk forward and then you will hear the answer.

in the game Legend of Zelda:The wind maker how do you get to were Valoo is after beating the boss on dragon roost island and all the stairs fall?
8/23/2007 12:14:28 AM

(posted: 1/14/2008 2:33:30 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: That was a mini boss you dont go to Valoo.

where are the four killer bees hiding spots in hide and seek
8/23/2007 2:03:12 PM

(posted: 1/3/2008 8:07:34 AM) Answer Courtesy of the best helper: one is behind the bomb shop one is behind the statue that white suit guy is in front one is ontop of a tree (you have to hit the tree from belowand one is close to the white bridge behind the bush

On zelda: wind waker, were is mother and child isle
8/24/2007 1:35:42 PM

(posted: 1/14/2008 2:33:21 PM) Answer Courtesy of anonamas: Mother and child isle is 1 square southeast of forbidden fortress.

where exactly do you find the mirror shield?
9/3/2007 12:30:46 PM

(posted: 1/3/2008 8:07:29 AM) Answer Courtesy of MASTERLINK: You have to get in the room where theres a ton of poes. Use Medli and go to the light and shine it opn the weird mark thingy. Then go up the stairs and take a left. Jump down into the pit and kill the re dead. after get the key. go up the ladder and unlock the door. Now its time to face the mini boss. There are three Stalfos in this room. Use your bombs to destroy them into tiny pieces, then slash away at their heads. (The best way to destroy the heds are to you the thrust: Hold the thumb stick foward and target it). You may want to have a potion or fairy when doing this. Anyways destroy all three of them and in my opinion you should take them on 1 by 1 if your a beginer but if your a pro just lure them all together and BOOM blow them up. After their dead go up the stairs and PRESTO!!!!! You got the Mirror Shield!!!!!! Yeh!!!!!

In the wind waker where can i find Makar when I'm ready to go in the wind temple?
9/15/2007 5:58:15 PM

(posted: 12/24/2007 4:54:17 PM) Answer Courtesy of krista : on forest haven use ur grapaling hook and hook onto the first hook from the area you first start at then you will be sent into a water fall inside there u will see markar playing a song

how do i get past the dragon roost cave
9/21/2007 2:47:26 PM

(posted: 9/6/2008 8:27:46 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

If  you mean the temple to get into the cavern then go up to the statue guys near the back wall and go to its left side and press R and slide it to the side then you can do the same thing to the other one.. But if you ment the whole thing.. it called a walkthrough

how/where do you get double magic in The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker
10/6/2007 5:13:32 PM

(posted: 1/3/2008 8:07:20 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Go to the two-eye reef and kill the big octo. shoot at its eyes with a cannon

I am stuck on the first island. I have alreasy thrown the girl across the broken bridge and now I don't know what to do
11/30/2008 3:30:05 PM

(posted: 4/14/2010 10:18:35 AM)

you use the bottle she gave you and scoop up water. Then you go to any bomb flower you want and pour the water on the bomb flower. Lastly you pick up the bomb flower and throw at the rock were the water is.

im in the tower of gods and there are two rooms where i have to figure out a riddle for each i cant figure it out idk what to do can you tell me for both riddles
3/18/2009 11:44:15 PM
Which Island do you go to to get the Skull Tree?
10/25/2009 12:49:33 PM
what is the esiest way to get past windtemple
8/8/2010 3:17:55 AM
on the 2nd floor in the tower of the gods how do i get the 2nd statue across the rainbow bridge?
12/31/2010 7:19:32 AM
I have looked for the tutorial but somehow markar isn't under the waterfall playing the wind aria gods song help please
3/23/2011 8:28:56 PM
how do i turn links body on the ropes so i can get the bombs PLZ HELP
4/14/2011 6:07:28 PM