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8  |  F-Zero GX Review
rageahol , 9/27/2003 2:36:18 AM
This game may seem simple enough but... no, wait that's it. It is simple. The entire process is very straight forward. The only trick is that you might have to try things many times before you can keep up with the pack. Novice and Standard are a breeze, but the step to Expert and Master classes isn't friendly. However, one noticible difference between F-Zero X and GX is the absence of decent rivals. In F-Zero X (Nintendo 64), you would have a rival that would stick to you and always place first if you didn't, making Expert and Master classes nearly impossible. But in GX, your rival can't keep up with at most times, and is graciously inconsistent. This makes things much more newbie-friendly. Now, even at the Expert class levels, you can win a cup simply by maintaining about 5th place or so each race. At the final race however, you may need to give your rival a knockin'.

New Aspects
Then there are the major differences. The gimmicks. I mean *cough* advantages that might draw you in to buying the game. "I get to build my own car!" Whoopie. The garage at first seems wonderful, until you realize that every car you make will suck. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but its mostly true. But... the AX parts (which you can get by beating a chapter of the story mode on hard) are quite lighter and therefore more appealing. Remember, you want a light car so it will actually go the direction you tell it to. The funner part about customizing is the emblems. You can make anything you want as a picture for on your car. But you can only paste 4 on, max, including a number for your vehicle.
Then of course the STORY MODE. Its challenging and frustrating and challenging again, but you'll want to beat it for the prizes. Beat the whole thing on every dificulty level and you'll have a SERIOUS roster of secret characters. The story itself isn't particularly mind-blowing, but it's OK overall.

The graphics are good at a GameCude level. One plus is that you get to see the driver in the car (though there isn't a steering wheel). And you'll definately notice that the backgrand is very done, a step up from the coloured mist mist of FZX. However, don't spend too much time (if any) staring at the pretty colours, because one second your noticing how lovely that tree is and the next second, you've crashed your car into the nice tree.

The gameplay is sharp. At a regular speed (and with half-decent grip) split-second decisions will be easy, which is very good, seeing as there will be a lot of them. Also, you might want to use the L and R buttons for sliding 'round those tight corners. Use them together for the drift-turn:a great way to get around a hairpin and not lose speed. Everything works wonderfully expect you sometimes have hit Z a couple of times to execute your the ingenius spin attack. When you're killing off the competition, always try to hit the cockpit if you can. It's the weakest point.

This game is very memory card-data-consuming. The GP and cars themselves only take 4 blocks, but the Garade (car creation) takes a big 18. Also, emblems take 3 each, and records cost various amouts depending on length.

Again and Again?
F-Zero GX isn't the kind of game you'll play over and over again, expect possibly on multiplayer. It seems so hard that you'll think it's probably luck when beat it once, and it's not worth it to put yourself through it again. Well, not for a while anyways.

The soundtrack of F-ZGX reflects the gameplay perfectly. It's fast paced and futuristic. The sound efects are great, from the crashing and smashing to the whoosh of the boosters. As well as that, if you're sharp, you might notice the select sound of the character profiles. All 41 characters have a unigue toon that will flow through your ears as you check up on your 26th century racing lore.

All in All
F-Zero GX is a good game, with its 41 racers (that's right, more than you thought) plus the ones you create yourself, and its 34 tracks (thats right again). F-ZGX for Gamecube is worth your money if you're a racing or futuristic fan.

Graphics ~9
Gameplay ~8
Repeat-Worth ~6
Sound ~9
Value ~8
Difficulty ~Hard

Overall Rating ~8~

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