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Codes & Cheats

Get to know your enemies
rageahol , 10/22/2003 6:19:22 PM
A list of the enemies and what they do:


Alien:shoots balls when right next to 1 Viking or more:Ob
Robot:shoots missle at viking:Ob


Blue T-rex:Bites:Ob
Snail:shoots spit, cant be hit by arrows in the shell:Ob
Caveman:rolls around for awhile then hits(hit him then!):Ob
Red T-rex:bites faster(which dosnt help it):Ob


Scorpion:shoots three balls at you fast(enough to kill you):Ob
Egyptian:attacks with spear(jumps after every action):Obb
mummy:1hit turns your viking into another mummy:Ob


Pounder:invincible olaf can block it with sheild up:Ocbiwsu
Swirlyspickything:comes at your vikings constantly:ocb
Ivincorobo:invicible from normal arrows,or ramming but can be blown up with bomb,or fire arrow:Ob


Weird green thing:shoots music notes at you:Ob
Barlorg clone:a clone of your fighter viking!!!!,it can do everything your viking can do:Ob
(I havn't finished game yet but Im close so I cant finish list. sorry)

You saw the Ob,Ocb,Obb,And Ocbiwsu?
it stands for:

Ob:Olaf can bick it
Ocb:Olaf can't block it in anyway.
Obb:Olaf can barly block it.Don't depend on him for this kind!
Ocbiwsu:olaf can block it with sheild up.

Barlorg is fighter/insulter/taunter/showoff.
Olaf is sheldman/only blocker guy.
Eric is scout/rammer/living batting ram.
Hang-Gliding Olaf
rageahol , 10/22/2003 6:29:10 PM
When olaf is selected press A and he will put his shield on his head. Now go to a gap ( make sure you won't die by the fall) and he will use the shield as a hang glider (In the spaceship world or the first world you need to use the abilty-but an alien that's red and jolly teaches you that)
rageahol , 10/22/2003 6:29:35 PM
If one Viking dies: restart by pressing start then going to give up.

Always watch a Viking that is on a bubble-it might pop and then you say bye bye to Viking. to avoid this make 1 cross at a time)

For a treat(a bad one) Talk to thor the darven god:

Lose 15 timesthen thor scolds your vikings(well it isn't the "old days" he talks about in the conversation. (your vikings make small remarks every 3-5 losses or once you start a new world OR if you beat a level.

Back to avoiding hazards.
So far the Egyptians in world 3 are the only ones who jump. now to the items:

Fire arrow: give it to barlorg it make his arrow do one hit kills regardless (other than a wall or pounder)
Meat/fruit:heals you
gravity boot:make no effect from gravity pullers or pushers.
bomb:you know "oh hey lets blow up something..or someone"
Spread bomb:kills all enemies on screen
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