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9  |  Wario Ware Review (Game Boy Advance Review)
boozer1 , 4/9/2005 8:20:08 PM
Wario Ware Inc.
I got this game for Christmas along with my very own Gameboy Advanced SP - black no less. I know what you're all thinking: what, larsoncc can't share? Nope, and it was more about being to link them together and do ultra geeky things with them. So if you will allow me, I'd like to paint a pretty little picture for you. Christmas Eve: can't wait for Santa to show, open presents early, get to the big one (wait for it), YES!! Got it, the GBA SP, and it's all mine!!! Any who, now for the games; will I get Tetris? Will this Christmas be complete? No, I got Super Mario Bros 3 (LOVE IT) and... Wario Ware? Great, so happy. I decide to get it over with and see how bad this game sucks, because I have to tell you I'm a little upset about the no Tetris action. I turn it on and low and behold it has Dr. Wario on it!! Yup, that's right, it's like Dr. Mario, but it's just called Dr. Wario!! Sweet, Christmas is saved and I stay up until 3 am playing the crap out of this game.

Wario Ware is made up of all mini games. There are seven levels total and two of those levels have three stages while the other five only have one. Each stage has its own theme to it. Wario has intro games, ones that are easy enough to figure out on your own, while Jimmy has sports games that are a little more difficult. At the end of each stage there is a Boss Stage that is considerably longer than the other games, which are all timed. Some of the games are very detailed, while others are simple line drawings. There is a Stage on level three that is called 9-volt and that one it made up of all Nintendo games, like Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, Zelda, and Dr. Mario. I don't want to give too much away, just give you something to get excited about. There are two levels in which if you can beat 25 stages including a boss stage you will get two different mini games. There are other levels that will give you extra mini games too, but I haven't got them all yet, but so far four of these mini games are two-player. Each person uses a shoulder button and you try to beat each other at the same game.

In my little story, I failed to mention that larsoncc had gotten this game used. So I had been playing someone else's game. Well I thought to myself, I couldn't beat this game knowing I have a head start!! So I go into the options menu and delete the old game, because I did not have another option. So I get out of that menu and go to the main menu to play a little more Dr Wario before bed, and guess what, it's gone!!! GONE I tell you. I was so depressed. Because to be completely honest I really did not care about the rest of the game I was just going to play Dr Wario and call it good. That's right, I wasn't even going to try and beat the game. The only game I have ever beaten is Jak and Daxter. Yeah I know, I'm so sad!!! Anyway, it took me probably two weeks and a little help from larsoncc but I finally got my Dr. Wario back and couldn't be happier, but in the meantime I've become addicted to this game. I find myself wishing I could just be sittin' at home with a Diet Pepsi and some Tootsie Rolls playin' my little heart out.

There is also a grid games section of this game in which you can practice all of the games you have to beat to advance in the regular game. Each level has it's own grid and as you beat the regular game more grids becomes playable. There are five levels of grids and two of those levels have 3 stages, just like the regular game. If you beat the whole grid portion of the game you win something, and I can only assume it cool, I have not beat the grids yet. And to spice things up a bit, parts of the grid games are kept secret until you beat a level in the regular game or until you beat every other game in that grid.

The Skinny
I personally find this a really fun game to play. I really like the puzzle games, although I would not describe Wario Ware Inc, a puzzle game. I've also had a blast playing this with larsoncc because of the versus game play, I love beating him or his top scores. Good graphics, like I touched on earlier, there are some games that are graphically beautiful and others that are just line drawings, but I think all put together it makes a great looking game. I found the music in part of the game to be annoying but the Dr. Wario music makes up for it. This is a fresh concept for a video game and I think the creator of the game did a great job with the game as a whole. I give it a 9 out of 10.

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