Pikmin 2
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8  |  Pikmin 2
Toriko , 10/15/2004 1:18:11 PM

Pikmin 2

I really enjoyed the original Pikmin game, which reminded me a lot of the old PC game Lemmings. There are a few flaws that really impeded my ability to enjoy this game. Pikmin 2 has eliminated most of these flaws, creating a very fun RTS.

pikmin 2

The Plot:

You are an alien sent to a strange planet to find treasure to help keep your company out of the hands of loan sharks. You and your assistant arrive on the planet to be greeted by strange walking flowers called pikmin. While you are rather weak by yourself, you can grow pikmin hoards and send them out to do your bidding.

The Gameplay:

Using a bit of strategy, and all flavors of pikmin, you explore the strange planet both above and below ground. You toss your little minions on your enemies, have them carry seeds back to your home to grow more pikmin, order them to build you bridges, swim across rivers, and drag treasure back to your ship. You only have a limited time before the sun goes down (about 15 minutes rl) and the nocturnal creatures come out in droves. You are forced to plan out your attack carefully if you don’t want a little pikmin genocide on your hands.

The New:

There are a few new features to Pikmin 2. Most importantly, you are no longer constrained by the 30 day time limit. You can spend as much time as you like exploring, gathering your army, and screwing around. This was the biggest distraction from the original game and I am happy it has been removed. Two new pikmin have been introduced, allowing even more strategy and obstacles than before. You also have an assistant, Louie, who can take his own party of pikmin. This is a great way to multi-task, and solves the problem I had in the original game of standing around like an idiot waiting for my army of pikmin to bust down a wall. During the single player game, you can find an object that opens up the ‘co-operative mode’. These are special levels where two players can work together. Challenge mode allows two players to fight against each other. Both two player modes are very fun. Last, there are underground caves for you to explore. While you are underground, the day does not progress, so you have as much time as you desire to explore these levels.

My Opinion:

Nintendo has often been accused of being the ‘kiddy’ system and Pikmin 2 doesn’t do much to dispel this stigma. Pikmin 2 is full of cute. The little guys sing to you, fall over and skid out if you take a corner too fast, make cutes noises, they even die cutely. The thing is, Pikmin is challenging. Once you get past the introductory levels, it’s really hard to keep your army alive. I’ve had to restart levels because of unexpected obstacles (read my whole army got wiped out). Basically just because the game is adorable, doesn’t mean it can’t be difficult and very fun. The addition of Louie and the removal of the 30 day time limit makes this game much better than the first. In fact I would recommend skipping the first and just playing this if you are new to Pikmin.

My only complaint is that the game gets a little repetitive. They have made some new monsters to fight, but at the end of the day, there are only so many ways you can toss your minions at something. The sounds are cute, but you hear them often. I usually only play for about an hour before I wander off to something else.

All in all, Pikmin 2 is a great RTS. I give it a 8/10.

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