Spy's Demise
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7  |  Review: Spy's Demise (Atari 8-bit)
Ditto , 3/18/2003 5:37:49 PM


Spy’s Demise was one of those addictive games that kept you coming back for more. With an engaging soundtrack and fun game play, 20 years after it’s release, I can still pick this game up and play for an hour or so. Having never seen the box I can only guess at what the point of this game was. I know you’re a spy. I’m guessing that you are trying to sneak through this nightmare building where evil spies in elevators try to crush you as you attempt to cross their path. You pick up spy stuff along the way…disks, bombs, some thing that could be a toilet, and other nick knacks.

Game play is simple. Starting the game you get a view of the inside of a twelve-story building. You start out on the first story and your goal is to cross from one side of the floor to the next without getting squished by the evil henchmen in elevators. If you make it to the top of the screen you advance to the next level. The next level consists of an eleven story building. It’s the same structure and everything except that the first floor is chopped off. This advances the difficulty some since now the evil spies have less distance to traverse with each pass. The game sticks with this logic; removing a floor each time you finish a level. Back when I was really good at this game I recall making it pretty far into the game. It seems I remember my best game having only four or five levels left. I have no idea what happens if you make it through all 12 levels. I often had wondered that if by some leap of logic you made it until there was only one floor remaining, if the evil spies would just sit there and wait for you to run into them.

Spy’s Demise was an incredibly fun game, requiring practically no introduction in order to start playing. Seriously, you start out and initially you can only go in one direction. When you hit something... you die. Classic. They really hit the nail on the head with this one.

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