High Heat Major League Baseball 2004
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  • 3DO
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  • Sports - Baseball
  • 3/10/2003
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  • $50.00
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4  |  High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 Review (XBox)
larsoncc , 6/8/2003 9:14:25 PM

BattingWhat did they do to the great American past time?  I won't go too far here, High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 isn't some kind of abomination, or anything like that.  But I can summarize my experience with the game in one sentence:  High Heat has very nice graphics, but falls short in so many areas, that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I give High Heat 2004 a 4/10.  Wow, that was quick, huh? 

Well, that bash was a little too quick for my liking.  I don't like blasting a game without at least explaining why I felt it was weak.  You'll soon see that one of my beefs with this game is one of my beefs with MOST of the baseball games out there.  But don't worry, there's plenty of complaints all around. 

OK, here's the "unfair" complaint:  High Heat Major League Baseball 2004 is NOT on-line.  Absolutely unacceptable - I am so sick of Baseball games not getting the picture - I want to play games on-line, I've got friends that live across the country, I'm sick, SICK, SICK of not being able to connect with others when I play games!!  On-line play would be easy to implement (relative to other sports) - pick the number of innings you want to play, your teams, and get started.  But, as with most / all of the baseball games out this year for consoles, we get the big screwgie - nothing is truly on-line.  It's a total rip off (and don't get me started on Golf...  I mean, jeez!  How hard is THAT to take on-line?). 

Home Run!  Again!Enough with the general rip on the whole world of Baseball games - what about High Heat? 

  • Batting in High Heat is pretty easy.  In a two-player scenario, batting in High Heat is remarkably easy.  So easy, in fact, that your game is more likely to look like a home run derby than anything else.  Fielding is OK, but with batting going so easily, there's obviously room for some improvement. 
  • Pitching is fairly straightforward and simulated.  You select the pitch, and it goes - or you go after a batter that's leading off.  It's possible to "fake out" the batter by switching pitching styles.  More or less though, once you get the timing down, it's pretty darned hard to miss. 
  • The team management details are deep, almost too deep (this game is marketed more toward the "baseball simulation" fan) - without adding any fun.  In my opinion, you can manage your team all day, but what really matters is how well you can play your team during a game. 
  • There aren't enough general play options / play modes to keep the casual fan (me) interested.  There is a two on two mode, and there are a few nice features within the options screen, but when I look at the play options found in other sports titles (like Virtua Tennis), High Heat comes off as pretty shallow and uninteresting.
  • The play options that ARE there demand that you either jump in with both feet and invest a month, or don't bother.  Really, the modes of play offer a lot, and you're supposed to invest some heavy thinking time into how you want to adapt your team, and ya da ya da.  Frankly, I'd rather not bother. 

Now, I'm not saying that everyone will hate this game.  You might be the type of person that likes a pretty game.  High Heat is a very pretty game.  It sucks like a Hoover, but it looks pretty doing it. 

If you think that RPGs and Baseball are two great tastes that taste great together (tm), then knock yourself out - get High Heat Major League Baseball 2004.  I'll be over there, with the Neo Geo, firing up an oldie but goodie - Baseball Stars. 

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