Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4
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9  |  THPS 4: Extreme Sport's Gaming Pioneer Is Back
rageahol , 11/29/2003 10:05:41 PM
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a great series, basically pioneering the art of extreme sports video games. The engine of this game is incredible and it gets better in every edition.

Series Improvements
THPS was a great game for its time, but when you look back on it now, it doesn’t quite look the same. The improvements over the course of the series have been numerous and intense, going from realistic skateboard game to imagine-that-500,000-point-combo sort of game. Most of the tricks are impossible, but that’s alright.
Anyway, new to this particular installment is the Revert, a technique that lets you link even more ridiculous combos together, this time when coming down a ramp.

The graphics here are pretty darn good. Characters are realistic and animation is smooth with little or no glitches.

The gameplay is awesome, the controls are easy to memorize and tricks are simple to pull off. That’s a darn good thing, too, because in a later level, you’ll have to string a 500,000-point combo together and that requires precise coordination, and THPS4 provides a perfect scheme for such a stunt.

Tony Hawk’s 4th doesn’t hog your memory card too bad at all. Only 7 blocks to save a career and a couple of blocks for other saves such as create-a-skater and create-a-park.

Repeat Value
Just try and beat the entire game. Get every cent of the floating cash all the hidden mini-games, all the missions. It could take many lonely day, but it’s possible and maybe easier than certain other games. Then do it again. Even if the first run was too strenuous for you, then you can still whet your extreme sports appetite with the many variations of user-friendly create-a-something, including skaters or parks. The many different multiplayer games will also keep you coming back for more.

Incredible sound FX for THPS4, giving you real life landing, bailing, crashing, splashing and even elephant dung sounds you could want for your Pro Skating life. There is also a great variety of punk rock, alternative and metal songs in the jukebox, including head-bangers and some with lyrics you won’t understand, but are general funny to hear. ACDC’s “TNT” headlines the list.

Strategies and Features
The career mode features numerous levels, each with up to 20 goals and hanging dollar bills. Although by the end the combo-score and high-score challenges become outrageous, just keep on chugging until you succeed. Remember that you will get more points with a manual-ollie-trick-manual combo than holding a longer single manual.
Entering the create-a-park mode, you now have much more options and freedom when inventing your dream park. There are so many different types of plain old half pipes, it’s baffling, though also pleasing.

All in All
A worthy investment and all around fun. Grab some friends and whoop their butt on King of the Hill. Or invent a trick in the game and go suicidally try it in real life. Show Tony Hawk what it’s really about. Then, when you’re all done, sit back and wait for TH Underground.

Repeat Value~9


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