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10  |  Protector: How can a Defender clone be so good?!
gauze , 4/10/2003 3:45:28 PM
Especially using vector graphics! Vectrex(pic)"OK, Defender totally rocks but this version is just amazing, the sounds and graphics are absolutely top notch. I am seeing things I didn't think were possible on the Vectrex. The "laser" has me baffled, HOW?! Maybe it's just because I have played most of the Vectrex titles and have programmed a little that I am so impressed with this title, but the speed (it's lighting quick) and fluidity are just jaw dropping. The game play is great too; I have played about 15 games of it and it's close to Defender but it's not exact. I won't say it's better or worse--just different. The only notable difference: no hyperspace. I never used hyperspace anyway. A nice addition to this game and a first in the Vectrex world: it has an EEPROM in the cart to save configuration and highscore data. If no one is around to witness that highscore, now you have lasting proof!

Now, the packaging: it comes packaged in a black chipboard box approx 7" x 9" with an embossed pink foil logo on the cover. This looks more like a techno CD box set than a videogame on the outside. There is a small sticker on the back with the number "11" on it on mine. The inside of the box has the instructions on a single sheet, a plastic screen overlay (again with a pink color to it) and of course the cart. The cart is an exact reproduction of a classic Vectrex cart case, the label also has the limited edition status of the cart on it: 11/100.

You plug in the game and turn it on you are greeted with a screen as close to the Defender start up screen (with the rolling logo on it) as you are going to see on a mono vector display. Rolling along the bottom of the screen are instuctions to Start the game by pressing button 1, go to the Options screen pressing button 2, and, after that, the address for author Alex Herbert's website and info that this is cart #11 of 100, In case you forgot you are playing a Limited Edition cart I suppose.

I assume there will be an unlimited common edition someday but if you don't want to risk it, plunk down your $50 (in North America, the game is shipped from the UK) now before they are all gone.

I dare say this is the best homebrew game ever for any system in total package execution and technical excellence in the game itself.

Editor's note: be sure to download the movie clip of the game in action from the author's truly is amazing!

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