Star Wars Millenium Falcon CD-Rom Playset
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4  |  For The Young 'Uns And Star Wars Fanatics Only
Darryl B. , 5/20/2005 12:02:50 AM
I was lucky to snag this at a Toys 'r Us, marked down to less than fifteen bucks, since I would've been pretty disgusted to pay the original fifty for it to only play it twice before putting it away for years...

Yep, but I'm not in the right age group for this, since it's for 5 and up (whups). So I'm probably not right in giving this such a low rating, but my sister's kid isn't here on the day that I'm writing this to offer his input, so oh well.

This is a bit of an interesting concept, though, as you get part of a plastic mock-up of the Millennium Falcon included with the CD, which fits on your keyboard. Certain chairs of the Falcon are pressed throughout the game (which will interact with keyboard keys below) to fire the Falcon's guns, collect certain things throughout the game, etc.

Making us suffer for the advent of full motion video, we get a chubby guy in a Rebel Alliance uniform telling us of our mission to help the rebels and all. However, compared to the Captain Kirk wannabe yelling "actors" (which I use that term loosely) of some of the Sega CD crap like Sewer Shark and all, this guy actually isn't too bad; he only gets somewhat annoying during a couple of times when (somehow) you run into a swarm of T. I. E. Fighters, which you almost expect him to jab his finger at the camera and tell you to get out there and destroy them so you can get back to your mission (hey pal! Why don't YOU get your fat butt into a X-Wing and take 'em out yourself?).

The game shows some clips from the original trio of Star Wars movies (re: episodes 4-6) and has a neat 3-D screen of which planet you're going to next and what you have to accomplish there and all, which usually involves shooting or collecting something, although I have no idea why on earth you'd want to collect the ice creature from Hoth that almost had Luke for lunch during Empire, as, once the end of the game gets near, the holding compartments of the Falcon must be getting pretty full (and stinky)...

There doesn't seem to be any way to die in this game, you're just given another chance if you mess things up. It's way too easy for people my age, but it's probably still ok, if not really cool for the young 'uns.

Live long and prosper, Lucas. (Oops, wrong sci-fi series.)

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