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10  |  Postal 2 Review
ProNetPC , 5/1/2003 7:20:15 PM
(Editor note: Pictures went missing for this review - sorry that the bold captions don't make sense now) If you're into gore and senseless violence in your First Person Shooter, like me, then Postal 2 is a must have game. In fact, this game brings the term "senseless violence" to an entirely new level, even surpassing that of it's predecessor, Postal, which drew Congressional attention for it's violence.

Gary Coleman??

The story is simple enough. You play Postal Dude. You're just an average guy living in a trailer with a nagging wife/girlfriend. Your task is to go through each day fo the five-day workweek completing various seemingly mundane tasks as picking up your paycheck, going to confession, picking up the laundry.

Running With Scissors

A story that simple wouldn't make for a good game would it? So there's this twist. Upon reaching RWS, Postal Dude's employer, you learn that you've been fired. Now of course, you could just take this as the way life is and walk away, something most of us would do in the real world, or, you can "go postal." Of course you'll want to do the second. That's why we play these types of games!

Kick Me!

Thoughout the week, you will encounter various obstacles hindering you from picking up your steaks, or stoppping for a batch of napalm. You'll run into game protesters (they hate you), rednecks (they hate you), environmentalists (yep, they hate you too), and a couple other groups I'll leave the element of suprise with. Of course there's also the cops. You pull out your weapon, anything ranging from a shovel to a napalm launching thing, and the characters start running for the cops. You have a choice when the cops confront you. You can run, you can drop your weapon and be arrested, or you can shoot it out. Of course, I choose the latter.

Is that bin Laden?

There are a wide choice of weapons in Postal 2. In addition to the previously stated items, you also have a handgun, a shotgun, a machine gun, a hunting rifle, gasoline, a cow's head, a missile launcher, grenades, scissors, and molotov cocktails. Of course, you won't start the game with these items. You have to collect them along way. My weapons of choice tended to be the shotgun (try a point blank head shot) and the hunting rifle with scope.

The downside to this newest release from Running With Scissors is only one. You can't drive! There's plenty of vehicles, but you just can't drive them. I would also say that the single-player only mode is a downfall, but RWS promises a multi-player patch this year.

The game should be relatively easy to edit, at least for those familiar with Unreal Tournament. Postal 2 is built on the Unreal Engine, and comes with a version of the Unreal Editor to mod textures, meshes, etc. Because of it's fairly recent release, there isn't an abundance of mods yet to be had, but give it time. I've already installed one mod that makes this game even more rated MA.

Overall, I give it a ten. Great game, great fun, and one heck of a stress reliever. Download the demo at GoPostal

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