Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3
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  • Acclaim
  • Full Fat
  • Sports - General, Other
  • 11/19/2002
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  • $10.00
  • Everyone
9  |  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 Review (Game Boy Advance)
larsoncc , 10/30/2003 5:08:13 AM

Title ScreenIn the grand tradition of copying Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Acclaim brings us (or brought us) Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3. This game is a bit older, and as such, you can get it for about $5, if you can find it. And what a find it is - this is one of the few Game Boy Advance games to feature a real soundtrack - there are 10 songs on the cart! Well, not quite 10 songs.  It's more like 10 CLIPS of songs, played at a static level somewhat approaching CRAP, and they repeat until you're ready to surrender your soul, but they're REAL.  Even with the repetition, that music technology beats the TAR out of anything else out there for the Game Boy Advance.  Plus, it was pretty impressive when I showed it to my wife, who gave me a puzzled look that said what I was also thinking: "how the hell does real music come out of a gaming device that's that small??"

Not bad for five bucks.

This game taught me that there's reward for giving in to the simple pleasures of "trick games" - I haven't been a fan of Tony Hawk-ish games.  For the most part, it's because I suck at Tony Hawk-ish games.  I couldn't land a trick with a million dollars in a bad neighborhood.

Anyway, like I was saying, Dave Mirra lets me enjoy the genre - because it's portable.  Yes, indeed - I can hide my shame, until I'm good enough to show my face to others.  I'm still not good enough to hang with the cool kids, but hopefully if I ignore my real life long enough and concentrate on what's important, I'll totally RULE at this game until next week when they release a new version.  That's right - I'll no longer be able to ride an actual bike, as my muscles will have long since atrophied, but screw that anyway - I've got a car.

BiffThere are many modes to play, but it's the "Proquest" mode that you'll want to spend the most time with.  There are all sorts of goodies to be unlocked, like extra courses, and riders and stuff like that.  As a good gamer, you won't be endlessly taunted by the tracks you have no chance of unlocking.  Pray for me.  I might go insane.  There's also a multiplayer mode.  You have to have two copies of the game, which may be hard to get at this point, but offers the intriguing possibility of humiliating a friend in head-to-head "combat".  

One interesting thing to note is that the game isn't really 3D.  The only thing that's 3D is the bike riders, while the rest of the environment is drawn in a Sonic 3D (Saturn) overhead view (isometric to use the dork term).  OK, so it's not that interesting of a note.  But I thought it was pretty cool how well the two different graphic approaches worked together.

Tricks, by the way, aren't impossible to execute.  After spending a good half hour with the game, not landing a single trick, my buddy (Raindog) took over, landing a 7,500 point move on his first go.

"Whoa!  How'd you DO THAT?"
"It's not that hard, man.  You just press the damn buttons."
"Oh!  Er...  Thanks..."
"Hey, grab me a beer, would ya?"

GrindI watched him play for a bit, and now I'm a LOT better at the game.  See, the bike automatically rights itself in the air, for the most part.  So the key isn't necessarily in how you LAND, it's how QUICK you can get done with the trick.  That was a pretty significant revelation in Larson town.  Now I can nail some basic tricks, and I started to realize the importance of building up some hang time in the air before trying something really stupid.

I figured out how to rail grind, too - next up, I'll be wearing Pull-Ups, cause I'm a big boy now.

So, yeah, I'm starting to enjoy these trick games.  And yeah - I really like Dave Mirra.  I'm glad I got it at a rock bottom price, and I'm glad I decided to pop it in.  In fact, I'd have to say that this is one of the better Game Boy Advance games that I've played.  I'm giving Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3 a 9/10.

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