Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti
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8  |  Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti review, Famicom
EricDaNerd , 4/28/2007 6:11:59 PM

So do you need to play or be a fan of the other Splatterhouse games to enjoy Splatterhouse Wanpaku? Nope- because this game is pure horror movie parody through and through. The game starts with your girl mourning over your grave when suddenly lightning strikes and you are resurrected with a wierd hockey mask on (Friday the 13th anyone?), much to the odd joy of your lady friend. But you aren't the only one to cheat death, because suddenly the grave next door bursts open with a pumpkin demon who quickly steals her away. From there it's a trek through more old horror references than can be mentioned, in order to save your lady love.

Gameplay is pretty simple; jump and chop are pretty much it. You're equipped with an ax from the get-go and every now and then you will come across a shotgun which can lay waste to multiple enemies from long range but has limited ammo and a recoil that can sometimes get you into trouble if you aren't paying attention. The game also comes with an experience system that lets you increase your hit points depending on the amount of enemies you take out- the more that get dispatched the higher your max hit points become. Lost life can be regained by chomping on candy and burgers (also one soda machine near the end) found throughout the levels in various places like in boxes, tree trunks, trash cans, enemies, etc. Speaking of which, there are a lot of various enemies in the game. Some carry over from stage to stage but most are stage-specific (sharks in the lake stage, rats in the sewers), keeping the game from feeling monotonous.The game's stages can be described as short and sweet. The layouts never feel frustrating to navigate and the bosses never feel too hard.

Lastly, those who are really going to enjoy the game the most are going to be old horror movie buffs, on account of the many, many references sprayed throughout the game- Aliens, Excorsist, the Fly, Evil Dead, and lots more- so many that even if you don't watch a lot of horror you're bound to see something you recognize. OIt's all these things that make the game very Halloweeny, in a good way. Fans of horror or All Hallows' Eve should quickly snatch this one up.


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