Little Fighter 2
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  • Action - Fighting/Brawler (example - Street Fighter)
  • 1998
  • 8 MM
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10  |  I love this game!
cfirmalovani13 , 8/8/2003 1:49:27 PM
"Little Fighter 2" is the second game in this sere (guess that).
The first game in the sere was made by Marti Wong, a student from Honk-Kong. The second game, this one, was made by Marti Wong (again) and Starsky Wong, his friend.
In this game, you choose a character and fight other characters that controlled by the computer (AI).
In the game you can play with up to 3 more players on the same computer, and 8 players in a multiplayer game.

There is 3 types of characters:
1.Hero- this type is the only type that you can choose directly from the menu (unless you use my code, see Codes for that), it's your type.
2.Normal- this is the computer's type. You meet it in "Stage Mode" (the game with levels). You can't choose them (unless you use my code).
3. Special- this is the best type. There is only 4 characters in this type: Tamplate, LouisEx, Firzen and Julian. you can't choose them in the menu (unless the code), except Tamplate (but this is an other story). They "special" because they powerful/summoned in a special way.

And now the modes:
1.VS Mode- in here you choose your and the computer's characters, who with who, and who against who.
2. Stage Mode- this is the game with 5 levels. Each level have 5 parts with several battles.
3. 1 on 1 championship- a knock-out tournament for singles.
4. 2 on 2 championship- a knock-out tournament for couples.
5. Battle Mode- You choose first the "hero" characters, then the "normal" characters, then it's army against army, until death.

That's all. and it's free!
download it from:

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