No One Lives Forever
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  • Sierra
  • Sierra
  • Action - Shooter - First Person (example - Quake)
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  • $20.00
  • Teen
8  |  Everybody Dies Someday
DaFuZzMaStA , 12/11/2003 4:31:00 PM

No On Lives ForeverEach time a James Bond movie comes out, I end up watching it even though I know how it ends, how the beginning credits are cheesy, and the action is somewhat unbelievable. Well, take all of that, blend it together, add some cool music, and a 60s theme, then you will have No Ones Lives Forever (NOLF).

When this game was first released, it was considered an excellent game that no one bought. They had to re-release it so that everyone can buy the game, except with a jacked-up price and some bonus stuff.  I bought the game used since I was well aware of its potential.

NOLF stars you as Cate Archer, former thief but now an Operative for UNITY (good secret agency) which fights a bad agency called (H.A.R.M.). You get an assortment of weapons, spy gadgets, and shoot and sneak your way through the game. The characters are all too stereotypical, ranging from evil Russians, large opera singers, to an Irish guy with a kilt. Let me say that if all of this sounds kind of cheesy, well it’s supposed to be that way for comical effect. And this game has its funny moments. Too many.

One of the more attractive aspects of this game are the graphics. They are pretty, with the characters looking intentionally comical rather than realistic, and the levels similar to the James Bond series for the N64 (except better). The music is extremely well done to the 60s decade, and the controls are appropriate for a shooter.

Unfortunately, the game play did not draw me in. There were the cool weapons and gadgets, the smart AI, and the neat levels, but something was missing. I did not feel I was in danger or excited when I blew away H.A.R.M. agents as it seemed too comical and not serious enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a psycho or anything (denial) but the element of suspense that is required for any good shooter game was not present.

The action that should be serious seemed to contradict the comical, 60s theme to the game and I therefore could not take NOLF seriously, despite the cool music, graphics, and interesting storyline. It was like shooting a clown with an AK-47.

No On Lives ForeverFurthermore, the AI seemed TOO careful with their shots, and the action always seemed to be in bursts rather than for extended periods, requiring you to wait for more. Furthermore, I did not know whether I should be shooting or sneaking around, and therefore I could not find a comfortable level of playing. You COULD shoot the whole lot if you wanted and possibly fail (which wasn’t satisfying) or you COULD sneak around and just get shot. I just couldn’t figure out what I should do, and either way was still lacking.

Those who do not take their shooter too seriously or realistically, and enjoy a funny, well done game that is intentionally done with a comic side will truly enjoy NOLF. For those who like their games to be more serious (as we are shooting digital people), and have more tension filled moments of action, than I suggest a game like Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Nevertheless, since I respect most games for their intention and try not to be too hard on games that are not my cup of tea, I give this game an 8 out of a possible 10.

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