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Gameplay / Overview

What is Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables? What are the gameplay mechanics of Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables? If you know a bit about Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables, Click here to share an overview of Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables with other Stage Select readers!

Story / Plot / Characters

What is the basic story line for Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables? If you know, Click here to share the story of Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables with other Stage Select readers!

Where do you find Arthur to help you with the rddle?!?!
6/4/2005 10:10:42 AM

(posted: 8/10/2005 8:00:56 AM) Answer Courtesy of Darryl B.: There are several times that you should talk to Arthur during the game, but I do not know at which time he will help you solve the riddle. All the times to talk to him are listed in this walkthrough:

where in willowbrook stables do you get the miners hat?
7/9/2005 10:53:30 AM

(posted: 8/10/2005 8:17:44 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: The miners hat is in the feed room where the feed is to feed your horse right next to the tack room :-)

Where can I find Erin's horse?
7/31/2005 7:26:30 PM

(posted: 8/30/2005 7:36:35 AM) Answer Courtesy of Darryl B.: This might be one of the glitches that the game is known for, as not finding Erin's horse doesn't seem to affect the game any (which can be seen here

where an how can i purchase the saddle club pc in the usa
7/2/2005 7:00:14 PM

(posted: 9/1/2005 10:52:22 AM) Answer Courtesy of Darryl B.: Amazon's got it:

after you go to the light house you have to find a secret door in a tree where is the tree
7/31/2005 12:19:08 AM

(posted: 12/7/2005 7:18:24 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: there is no secret door go to the ship reack and read the sighn

im in the mine and have open the cavern and found the horseshoe but nothing has happend what do i do?
6/27/2005 9:12:43 PM

(posted: 12/19/2005 6:55:17 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

It's a glich in the game. All that you can really do is start from a different saved game or if you don't have a back up file you might need to start over- just like i did.

Where can I buy this game in the USA? (sigh) I'm so frusterated every place I go its REALLY expensive or its in Austrailia!
8/25/2005 9:15:30 PM

(posted: 12/23/2005 4:08:38 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: I don't know where you buy it, but my friend got it at the library.

I go to the castle to find the witch but she's not there. Where else do I look?
9/16/2005 10:42:02 PM

(posted: 12/27/2005 6:31:51 AM) Answer Courtesy of Horsegal98: Have you tried the tower? She lives there.

i am in the maze, trying to find the tree to get the letter but i cant find it
3/23/2006 12:09:39 AM

(posted: 4/12/2006 9:16:20 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: keep trying- it's in there!

I've started playing The SCG, and am on day 3 yet after 2 days of 'exploring' and meeting people and almost every place I can think of, I am still being told to 'explore the island'. I've just met Erin and can't find her horse either. Could anyone help me as to explain when the actual mystery comes, whether by day or something I have to do?, & wher
3/4/2006 5:30:20 PM

(posted: 4/15/2006 7:52:23 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Try to go too sleep, when you wake up it might be then. And if not go ALL over the place to make sure you have spoken to everyone.

How do you find your horse when someone lets it loose?
3/30/2006 2:02:16 PM

(posted: 4/15/2006 7:53:26 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: If you open the map by pressing either spacebar or m, i can't remember, a map should appear. If you look their will be 2 squar dots on it. Your dot is one color, and the horse is a different color. Move around (walking) to see your dot move, then when you know which dot is yours go towred the other dot. (The horse should be in the fishing village)

4/15/2006 7:31:50 PM

(posted: 4/17/2006 9:07:43 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: The 6th marker is near the abandoned church- walk into the abandoned church and your character will say something like 'oh, there's no marker here.' after that look at your diary and it will tell you to talk to someone. i spent hours looking for the marker and only found it when my brother came in and suggested that!! lol

is there an easier way to find the way to the tree in the maze
3/23/2006 10:21:52 PM

(posted: 4/17/2006 9:08:10 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Try to find another walkthrough- it will give you directions

In the end Frank does not give me the horseshoe. How do I get him to give me the horseshoe?
8/14/2005 12:28:30 AM

(posted: 4/18/2006 9:23:53 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Try looking at your diary. Walk all around Frank. Did you talk to him as soon as you and Veronica found your way out of the face-looking rock? If not go back to an earlier save and talk as soon as you come out. Good luck!

For Saddle Club Willow Brook Stables what are the icons to the right of the screen?
4/3/2006 9:15:29 AM

(posted: 4/18/2006 10:53:52 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: These are what the icons mean:
Diary: You have a new task, decoded code, or message in your diary. press 'home' or 'esc' to open and have a look
Scoop: It's time to feed your horse!
Brush: Groom your horse
As the icons get bolder it means that time is running out to do the things that the icons suggest (e.g. feed your horse) If you dont then you'll lose points

how do you get the clue at the shipwreak
5/4/2006 9:32:10 PM

(posted: 6/1/2006 2:06:13 PM) Answer Courtesy of vanillamagpie: if it's the sign then walk up to it. if not, near the sign there is a bottle in the sea. walk up to it and that should help.

I go to the lighthouse but it dosen't tell me 2 go any where like it normaly does,so I can't read the sign what do i do?
4/1/2006 3:34:37 AM

(posted: 6/2/2006 6:53:31 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: If this happens press "m" then ride the oppisite way from the light house then there are two paths, select the left one and your on your way!!!!!!

I have found the shipwreck tree question. Now it says go back early tomorrow morning but I have done that twice and the tide is still up and I don`t know what I`m looking for at the shipwreck .If you know what to do please help.
6/10/2006 8:35:31 PM

(posted: 6/12/2006 1:00:49 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: I had the same problem! There is nothing at the shipwreck you need. Near the sign on the sand there is a bottle. That is what you need

where is the gold object in the castle at? someone please help i have looked for it for two days!!
6/13/2006 9:06:57 PM

(posted: 6/16/2006 10:40:15 AM) Answer Courtesy of shania: it is behind one of the houses

I am in the mine what do I do???? I just keep looking arround!
5/15/2006 7:14:36 AM

(posted: 6/16/2006 10:41:14 AM) Answer Courtesy of shania: you have to look for a building in the mine that looks like a face. it will only work if you see the building closed. you can get the walkthrough and it will tell you the instructions. here's how you get the walkthrough: go to google, and type the saddle club willowbrook stables extra locations. then go to the first one. that should be it.

i am in the church to find the key and i found it but nothing is happening, my character said "here it is" and that's all, what do i do?
6/9/2006 8:55:25 AM

(posted: 6/16/2006 10:41:34 AM) Answer Courtesy of shania: save your game. when you come to the main menu click 'play game' and hopefully it should work.

what do i do when i get to the building in the mine with a face with the red lantern?
6/2/2006 9:56:39 PM

(posted: 6/19/2006 12:12:41 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you have to walk up to what looks like the teeth of the statue

How do I mount my horse? i have groomed, mucked out. talked to Toby and tacked up but it wont let me mount. what do I do?
6/21/2006 11:18:26 AM

(posted: 6/21/2006 11:24:29 PM) Answer Courtesy of holly: press shift

i found the key in the church after it said search for it, but now it's not saying anything. it still says find the key but i've already found it
6/20/2006 1:54:53 PM

(posted: 7/1/2006 12:45:42 AM) Answer Courtesy of alice: try talking to the alric at the church other wise try to see if you can find it again and get your person to talk.

I went to the abondoned church to look for the marker and my character said "if there is a marker here i can't see it". So then i looked at my diary and it said go back to willow brook stables and talk to someone so i did and it won't let me talk to anyone. Who do i talk to please tell me please!!
6/25/2006 5:51:20 PM

(posted: 7/8/2006 4:45:06 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: you go back to the old church and talk to veronica then you talk to the man behind you