Sonic CD
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  • Genre:
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  • Sega
  • ?
  • Adventure - Side-Scrolling / Platform (example - Mario)
  • 1996
  • ?
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Gameplay / Overview
Sonic CD is a side scrolling platformer for the PC. It was published by Sega.

Sonic CD was released in 1996.

Story / Plot / Characters

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News Stories About Sonic CD

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The Power Base Mini FM is something that every retro gamer should try!
(7/14/2015 5:39:17 AM)
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Project Needlemouse has been renamed Sonic 4...
(2/4/2010 7:30:29 AM)
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Stage Select's expanded database now contains overviews and storylines. Many titles have been updated today!
(4/29/2009 6:58:53 AM)
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This week, we review MadWorld, Legacy of Y's, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, House of the Dead Overkill, Crysis Warhead, and more!
(3/16/2009 1:25:02 AM)
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The Sega Genesis had a world of titles, some of which were classics (Sonic), some of which were laughably bad - let's look at some titles that'd make a great addition to your collection!
(3/11/2009 9:30:27 AM)
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Sonic CD promo
Sonic CD title screen. This appears to be the same game as the Sonic CD for the Sega CD console.