Star Trek: Captain's Chair
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9  |  Beam Me Up Scotty, This Is Cool
Darryl B. , 1/15/2005 8:49:50 PM
Not that I'm knocking this site or anything, but this isn't exactly a "game", but since it's in this database, might as well do a review on it then!

All you do is walk around the bridges of five Federation starships, press buttons and read (more on that later), and that's it. It's pretty neat, having the sound effects and 3-D graphics of bridges of ships. It's almost like being on the set of one of the shows!

You can look around the bridges of the Next Generation Enterprise, the Next Generation Enterprise, First Contact edition, the original Enterprise, Voyager, and the Deep Space 9 ship the Defiant. You just walk around and press buttons, and some things will happen (other than hearing sound effects and all), like at one point some gas will be released, and your view will get blurry for a few seconds (heh). At other times, you can fire off photon torpedos and a brief clip will run, showing that happening from a corresponding Trek episode (however, most of the original Enterprise stuff has been computer generated; oh no!). You can also check out blueprints of the ships, having your cursor rest on a section for a second or two, which that part will be identified, and with a click on your mouse button you can read something about what you're looking at.

Occasionally when you explore, you'll find something left lying on the bridges, like a Tribble on the original Enterprise (!) and all. On all ships, save for the original Enterprise, you'll also find a PADD that gives all kinds of background on the crews' characters of the ship you're looking at (for the original Enterprise, that was either before they were called PADDs or the information is found on a computer monitor somewhere). Unless you're a diehard Trekker (think they're called "Trekkers" now, rather than "TrekkIES", that's so 70s!), it'll take you on and off several days, if not weeks to read all the stuff, as you'll be reminded of past shows when it talks of "on Stardate ____, ____ (crew member) was abducted by ___ (alien race), and blah blah", as the crew members' highlights (or lows) are mentioned.

Also on each bridge, somewhere you'll find a personal message from the actors portraying Captain Janeway, Sisko, Sulu, Commander Riker, and Ltd. Commander Worf. These can range from being amusing (the actor portraying Sisko tells of when dumbasses would mistake him for the actor who plays LaForge, when they look nothing alike) to being pathetic (Sulu kisses Kirk's butt too much), but they're all us Trekkers, anyway.

The only downside is that you can't really DO much of anything, a biography or two is really lacking (can't remember if it was Data's or LaForge's that was really skimpy on the details), so many panels of the movie version of the Enterprise are redundant and are really lacking as well, and the "virtual tour" are a big letdown, since all it shows is the bridge spinning around, for some reason, rather than stopping at the stations the actor is talking about. Oh well, as bonuses, in the ready room of the Next Generation Enterprise, you'll find the "Picard Manuever" on his computer (pretty brilliant thinking!), and a code on the same ship, when entered on a control panel, will get you to a hidden sixth ship: a Klingon cruiser! (I'll eventually look this up and add it to the Codes section of this entry.) Plus there's tons of other things too...

In short, no Trekker should be without this, and the best way to shut this down when you get bored is to go to Voyager and activate the Self Destruct sequence on the captain's chair...heh heh heh.

Oh, and there's also a panel on the Next Generation ship where you get a glimpse into some crew members' quarters, but no Counselor Troi in the shower or anything; sorry.

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