Star Trek: Captain's Chair
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Gameplay / Overview

Not exactly a game, but more of a visual presentation of five Star Trek Next Generation spaceship bridges (along with a hidden bonus ship).  All the player can do is walk around, push buttons to activate a few things and watch  video clips with footage from several Star Trek shows. 

Story / Plot / Characters

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View sixth hidden ship
Darryl B. , 2/9/2005 10:37:39 PM
On the bridge of the NCC-1701D Enterprise (the Next Generation tv series version), on one of the consoles next to the chair to the right of the captain's chair (note: by "right" I mean if you're facing the viewscreen) is a flashing panel that says Security Code. Press it, write down the code, then go to the far left security station (where Tasha Yar, then Worf used to station at), enter the code under starship I. D., and you will be transported to the bridge of a sixth hidden ship.
Star Trek: Captain's Chair box
Star Trek: Captain's Chair screenshot from the Next Generation Enterprise bridge