Berzerk Voice Enhanced
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  • Mike Mika
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  • Action - Arcade Port (example - Asteroids)
  • 2002
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5  |  Berzerk: Voice Enhanced...Is It Really Worth The Price Tag? (Atari 2600 Review)
Shevy , 4/8/2005 10:47:09 AM
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I'm sure just about everybody that has owned an Atari 2600 has played the original Berzerk. It's an incredibly common game even today and can be found in abundance in attics, garage sales, pawn shops, and eBay. So in the age of XBox and the Game Cube, why would somebody even bother re-releasing an updated version of Berzerk? In short...because the game is that damn good.

As the name of the game would suggest, this title's claim to fame is the addition of the very much valued voice enhancement which was a huge selling point in the arcades. They've managed to cram a good three surprisingly clear phrases into this game. They don't necessarily add a lot to the game play, but keep in mind, back when the original Berzerk was a new release on the Atari 2600, arcade to home translations were very loosely based. This simple addition by programmers Dan Hitchens and Mike Mika bring the home edition that much closer to the arcade version.

On top of this much treasured feature, there's also the addition of slightly updated graphics. The update in graphics is minuscule, and quite honestly, very subtle even to a person such as myself who, as a kid, must have logged on three-digits worth of hours playing this classic.

So are the additions of the voice and minor upgrades in graphics really worth the homebrew price? After all, the original Berzerk can be found for nothing more than a song with a little searching. The answer is...only to fans of the original or collectors of Atari. The Atari homebrew scene is outstanding at the moment, and it's well worth the monetary support for fans of the "modern classics", but to the average nostalgic fan or those with tight budgets, the $25 price tag may be a little too much for just a few enhancements.

* The voice enhancement is very well done, and a rarity in 2600 games.
* Minor update to graphics is better than no graphics at all.
* Nice to see the original arcade color scheme.
* Chicken! Fight like a robot!

* Granted, we're dealing with the capabilities of an Atari 2600 here, and I'm just glad this game doesn't have an obscene amount of flicker, but a bigger update in graphics would have really hit the spot.
* That $25 price tag is only going to appeal to the Atari enthusiasts and collectors. Nostalgic 2600 gamers will probably be just as happy with the original common cart.

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