Bid For Power
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10  |  Bid For Power (PC)
cfirmalovani13 , 10/26/2005 9:30:52 AM

Bid For Power is a total conversion of Quake 3 Arena, based on the Dragon Ball TV show. In Bid For Power, you can play 6 different characters from Frieza Saga: Goku, Gohan, Krilin, Vegira, Piccolo and Frieze. Every character has his own attacks, clothes which you can change, and power. As a character from Dragon Ball Z, you can fly, attack, teleport, move fast and use energy attacks. You also have an aura that changes with your power level. Your ammo in the game is called KI. KI is the mental energy of the player, and can be used to fly and attack. Everyone has a PL, which stands for Power Level (Power Level is how strong you are. Power level determines max health, max ki, movement speed, and damage caused by attacks) to start from. The lowest Power Level is 10,000 PL and the highest is 1 Million PL. You gain more PL from killing others, and after you got enough PL, you can learn a new energy attack!

In the game, you can play from 3 different viewpoints:
Third Person: The model is seen from the outside. Unlike the standard Quake 3 third person view, in BFP the crosshair is visible.
First Person View: Your viewpoint is positioned on your character's eyes, and you can see your own arms and legs while fighting.
First Person: The standard first person Quake 3 view.

The Game Types are:
Death Match: Players start at 50,000 PL. Additional PL is gained for each kill. If you die, your PL resets to the average of all the other players' PL levels.
Tourney: Same rules as Death Match, but with only two players at a time.
Team DM: This mode also has the same rules as Death Match, but with teams.
Team LMS: Last Man Standing. If you have ever played clan arena you should know this mode. Players start at 1 million PL, and players who die can not re-spawn until the next round.
Oozaru: This game works like regular Free For All, except one player is chosen to be the 50’ tall Oozaru. The player who kills the Oozaru gets to be the Oozaru next round.
The Oozaru has extra power and speed, and being 50 feet tall, completely dwarfs the other players.

The graphics in the game are very good. You see the beams, the explosions, the auras of the characters and many more things... I like to blast my enemies' body into little pieces just to see them explode (well, that's me. I'm bad).

The auras in the game change with the PL:
Aura 1: < 100,000 PL. Blue aura, only one ki attack available.
Aura 2: 100,000 - 250,000 PL. Red aura, two ki attacks selectable.
Aura 3: 250,000 - 500,000 PL. Red aura, three ki attacks selectable.
Aura 4: 500,000 - 999,000 PL. Red aura, four ki attacks selectable.
Ultimate Aura: 1 mil PL. Yellow aura, all attacks selectable.

The sound in the game is great. The game's music is fast (like the game), and the sound effects couldn't be better. In the game itself, you don't hear music. It has the sound effects and the screams of the players (when they're hurt). The players also talk in the game, and say something when they attack (well, most of the time it will be the attack's name).

Effect on Your Life:
Just... can't... stop... playing...

Final Score:
Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Life: 10

Final Score: 10

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