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8  |  NHL Hitz 2003: Where the Power Is At
rageahol , 11/29/2003 10:10:09 PM
NHL Hitz is something else. It’s very unlike the NHL series, in numerous ways. For example: Instead of the usual and real life 5 on 5 hockey, Hitz features 3 on 3. Graphics The graphics in this game are just as good or better than NHL 2003. The faces are incredibly realistic, almost life-like. Hitz uses motion capture, making the realism of movements, hitting, shooting, etc. even more impressive. Memory You can save the following files at the following expenses: Season: 27 Franchise: 3 Settings: 8 Tourney: 11 I don’t like the fact that you can only save one season at a time, but at least you can save up to five franchises. (For all saves, I mean per memory card, not per disc.) Replay Value Well, this is a sports game and like all sports games, the replay value is basically anything. Since there is no actual storyline involved, there really isn’t anything to ‘beat’. However, I got this game last October (2002) and I still find time to enjoy now. Sound The music in this game is awesome. The selection of the in-game jukebox is wonderful. The sound effects are also impressive. Features NHL Hitz 2003 includes the following main-screen features: Exhibition: Simply enough, play a game with a friend or two, or maybe just a game with the computer. Season: Start a season and take your selected team(s) all the way to the fabled Stanley Cup. If you beat franchise mode, your own team will be available for play in the season or Tourney modes. Also under this category is a playoff only option. Choosing season will let you play the playoffs as part of the season. It also includes more subtle options, like how many games are in the season, a fantasy draft and others. Tourney: Stage a little tournament. A tourney would usually involve international teams like Team Canada and Team U.S.A., but you can decide whether or not you want things to be that way. Mini-Games: Knock yourself out with great mini-games like Shoot-out, Shooting Gallery, Keep Away, King of the Rink and more. Franchise: Invent a name, invent a few players, pick a logo, pick a strategy and hit the ice. Face off against other up and coming teams to make your way into the NHL. Options: A list of options for you to manipulate. Also remember, when your power meters are full, press Z to catch on fire! All in All This is a great game, one where players catch on fire when they’re on a roll, with 9-Player teams and best of all, lots of HITZ! Graphics~9 Gameplay~7 Repeat Value~8 Sound~8 Value~7 Difficulty~Easy Length~Short Total~8

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