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Gameplay / Overview
Hellraiser is an action game for the NES, which can be played by 0 people. It was published by Color Dreams.

Hellraiser is extremely rare. While this doesn't guarantee that the title is sought after by collectors, it does guarantee that the title is nearly impossible to come by, and is likely sought after by collectors desiring a complete collection for the NES.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Versions, History, Notes


(submitted by: JAnderson ), 1/18/2005 11:02:30 PM (edit)
This game was to be released on the Color Dreams "super cartridge", which was to offer 16-bit quality using a second processor in the game itself. Color Dreams spent $50,000 on the film license. However, little real work was done before cancellation(the game would have cost $100 or more). Cartridge labels were printed and have fallen into collector hands, but Color Dreams employees have confirmed NO prototype exists.