Donkey Kong
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  • Coleco
  • Coleco
  • Action - Arcade Port (example - Asteroids)
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9  |  2600 Donkey Kong: View from the Tower
chadtower , 8/13/2003 11:08:28 AM
Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600Donkey Kong could be one of the top two or three most important video games of all time. Not only did it set new standards in the arcade when it was released but it also introduced the world to a chunky little plumber named Mario. Who knew at the time that the little guy you were guiding over barrels would become the biggest character in the video game world? Who knew that a large percentage of the greatest games of all time would be designed around that rotund little guy in overalls? Donkey Kong is a great game that likely sold hundreds of thousands of video game consoles on its own merits. Most of them probably weren’t Atari consoles, but this review is about the 2600 version of Donkey Kong, so let’s get into it.

Graphics – 9/10
Not bad for the 2600! Donkey Kong himself could be a little better but the game is as true to the arcade as the 2600 could have been. Everything is clean, easily discernable, and you never run into a spot where you can’t tell what is going on. It looks good!

Control – 9/10
I played this game for about a half hour the other night and don’t think I came into a single instance of losing a life because of the controls. They’re ultra fast and very accurate. I honestly don’t think they could have been a lot better but the game doesn’t get a 10 simply because of the bi-directional design of the gameplay.

Sound – 8.5/10
Nice, crisp sound in every aspect of this game. You don’t get much better sound effects out of the 2600 than Donkey Kong does. Even with that, though, a platform game without music never gets a 9 or above from me. I like tunes when I’m jumping over stuff and hitting things with hammers.

Replay value – 9/10
What can you say other than that it’s a classic? It’s a great game and it’s always fun to take a look at where Mario began to contrast with where he is now. The only regrets I have with this game are that the trailing flames are gone and it only has two different levels. Even with those subtractions from the arcade it’s still a great 2600 game.

Total – 35.5/40

Conclusion – One of the best games on the Atari 2600! The 2600 doesn’t get much better than this, folks. Definitely one of the best licenses Atari picked up in that era and a great port of the game to boot. If Atari had managed to get ports of all of their arcade licenses as good as this one they’d have ruled the console world! Oh, wait…

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