Four Player Adapter
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10  |  Nifty Little Item
Darryl B. , 5/6/2005 3:09:47 PM
Not much to review here, since this is just an accessory, but it's great! There were several games that used this for the Genesis, although the only one I know of is Gauntlet. If you see a logo for four-way play on the back of a Genesis game box (see photo, which I got from the back Gauntlet box), then that's what one of these adaptors is for (there were a few companies that made these: Electronic Arts, I think Sega, and possibly one or two others). Having additional players on board can be a real blast!

The only downside is that one or more of the plugs might not work, but due to having no moving parts, and probably hardly any soldering or anything, probably all you have to do is get a can of "tuner cleaner", or electronic contact cleaner, follow the directions, squirt it in there, and you're probably good to go, depending on how long the instructions say that it has to dry. Good luck finding one in the wild, though, I don't know if they're very common nowadays or anything. However, it will probably be worth it, and remember, four heads are better than one! (Or two.)

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