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  • Sega
  • Sega
  • Action - General, Other
  • 1995
  • 1-2
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7  |  Weiiiiiiiird...
Darryl B. , 3/16/2005 4:49:36 PM
Man, this is one strange game, although I never really agreed with the proclaiming of game critics back in the day of how original it supposedly was, as it just seemed to be a slowed down version of Sonic the Hedgehog 23 to me, despite it taking place in the bug world (rather than Robotnik's) and replacing the blue guy with a hummingbird.

However you view it, though, everything about this game just screams "WEIRD". At the beginning of every game, you must fly around and feed from the only flower that has no other hummingbirds around it, which will lead to a very brief, unimpressive intro as some crystal gives you special powers. Ok...then the beginning of every level after that starts with a musical piece that's only a few seconds long, but keeps on repeating itself; it keeps on sounding like it's going to lead to something, but it doesn't. Dunno why this is, but there you go.

There are different goals for levels as well, not all of which are defined. The first few levels involves you shooting away bugs around flowers until the flowers blossom in color; once the flowers look all pretty, you'll proceed to the next level. (By the way, in case that didn't read correctly, that was sarcasm: I don't really give a damn how the flowers look [it's just the goal for the level], as I listen to severe death/black metal, before anyone mistakes me as to being a tree-hugging hippie.) Other levels involve destroying certain types of bugs before you can proceed to the next wave, a few levels scroll (like in Scramble) until you reach the end, and there's one or two stages that involve you picking up a tool called a Wall Destroyer to destroy a wall in order to reach the end. Unfortunately this can be set off by accident if you're attacked by a bug, and if you run out of wall destroyers, you're screwed until you either die or you restart the level by hitting reset and entering that level's password.

There's also no scoring and no real feeling of accomplishment (or at least that's how *I* felt) for getting to the next level, plus a couple of levels contain a weird bug that can't be destroyed by your powers, but touching him will lose a "life pod"...what he does is he just flies merrily (I guess?) on his way -- oblivious to the fact that a hummingbird that's right behind him is shooting lightning bolts from his body (somehow) and is killing bugs left and right -- until a portal opens up at the end of the level, which you must follow the bug in to access the next level.

Oh yes: I mentioned lives and shooting. You have unlimited continues, but you can only have up to five lives; getting smacked by something usually results in the loss of a life pod. When you shoot something that has power-ups, they're represented by objects, but if you accidentally grab the wrong kind of power-up that you don't want, then you're stuck with it, which is fairly sucky game design, as the game can be pretty hard at times, so having a weak power-up that you can't stand really bites.

Aside from the weirdness of the game, it can be pretty challenging and different, although it doesn't get any higher than a rating of seven from myself due to having pretty much no replay value: I've beaten it, have only replayed it once ever over the years, and I'm thinking of taking it back up again now as I write this, although I'm sure it'll be years again before I take it back up once more after that. At least the soundtrack is really good, with new age-y kind of music, the controls respond well, the sounds are decent, and the 32 bit graphics are downright incredible, especially the vibrant colors, as they still hold their own today, unlike other games that were released from roughly the same time period (the mid 90s), like Doom, which the graphics looked good from a distance, but then when any creature got up close, you could see how ugly and pixelated they really were. (There's also a two player option as well, but I can't comment on how that can add to the game since I've never played it with another player.)

Nice to check out if you can find a copy of this game, though, it should keep you busy for a while, as it's got nearly 20 levels, although some are uneven, since you can have several easy levels in a row, but then you'll get one or two brain- and ball-busting ones that will either take you forever to get through or you won't be able to figure out what to do to get through them for a while.

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