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8  |  Porrasturvat: Stair dismounting vs. Olympic pastime
Shevy , 4/8/2005 11:25:59 AM
The original review of Porrasturvat can also be read at: http://www.kickedintheface.com/games/reviews/Porrasturvat-PC.htm

Show me a man that does not take pleasure in watching somebody hurt themselves immensely as they fall down a staircase and I'll show you a liar. In Porrasturvat, or Stair Dismount as translated into English, falling down the stairs isn't just the cool thing to do...it's the only thing to do.

That's right. This whole game is based around somebody falling down a staircase and racking up points for how badly they hurt themselves. A comical game idea in and of itself, and when tacked onto the incredible physics and hilarious grunts, moans, slams, cracks, and snaps, we have ourselves a winner.

In this game, you assume the role of Spector, legendary superhero. Unfortunately for Spector, he cannot "write off" all the damage that has been done to the city unless he can prove himself significantly hurt. So what better way to hurt oneself than to toss oneself down a set of stairs, right?

By fine tuning the heading and pitch, selecting one of thirteen body parts to fall first, and using a force meter like that of a golf game, Spector willfully goes tumbling down the stairs. The animation is smooth and at times painful to watch as hurt body parts turn a brilliant red before accumulating points for pain. You would think something like this would get boring for somebody not terribly interested in physics, however, there's this constant feeling of, "Oh, I can get a better score than that. I've seen flu shots hurt worse than that".

Overall, Porrasturvat is a wonderfully designed and simplistic game that might not be able to compete with the new Grand Theft Auto or Metroid, but it certainly makes a great game to play at work or as a quick competition among friends.

* Hilarious animation and sound effects.
* Proof one doesn't need realistic graphics and tons of bloody effects to make a brutally disturbing game.
* A great simplistic game if you're looking to burn just a minute or two.
* A great simplistic game if you're looking to burn just an hour or two.
* It's free at: http://jet.ro/dismount/

* The music is nice to begin with, however it becomes incredibly repetitious even after ten minutes of gameplay.
* As of the writing of this review, the on-line high score section was unavailable.
* Can be a little too one-dimensional for some people, therefore not a lot of replay value.

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