CD Backup RAM Cart
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  • Sega
  • Sega
  • Utility (example - Game Shark)
  • 1994
  • ?
  • RAM save (up to 10 games)
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  • $50.00
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10  |  Forrest Gump Mode: "Simple Is As Simple Does"
Darryl B. , 10/24/2005 10:59:28 PM
Ok, so I paraphrased, but you know what I mean...

Yep, you can't get much more simple than a device like this that only has a few uses. Without the Back-Up cart, the internal memory of the Sega CD only has room for back-ups of four games, while this one has 10.

Due to probably being THE least technically-minded person on the forums, I didn't know quite what to expect when I had to format the cart for the first time before I could start saving games on it when I first bought it: surely it's NOT like the floppy drives like I was used to, where you had to wait through the process of all the cylinders turning inside? Nope, the instant I pressed a button on my Genesis controller to format it (as per it's instructions), it had instantly formatted! Wow, that was quick, did I do it correctly?! I tried it again, which, yeah, instantly, it said it was formatted, and all ready to go.

All there is to the device is saving games, you can either copy game files to or from the internal Sega CD drive to or from the RAM Cart, or delete them, and supposedly to keep the files from corrupting over the years (if they're even needed, that is), you insert your RAM cart once a year into your Genesis, and turn it and the Sega CD player on, and that's supposed to keep the game files "healthy" throughout the years (or so I've read in a FAQ).

Unfortunately, there's a lot of games that don't use this nifty, handy device at all: Night Trap, Tomcat Alley, Stellar Fire, The Terminator, etc. (plus it's even worse when those games don't even have a password or level skip option, either!). Others that supposedly save don't even work, for some reason or another: I can't recall exactly how it behaves or not (since I don't have a tv at the moment), but for some reason I couldn't get the save state of Panic! to ever load, if I remember correctly; every time you turned that game on, you had to start a new game. (Granted, I've got codes to skip to whatever scene I want to, but that's not the point.) Willy Beamish also did something weird if I recall correctly, like it would start on the scene after the place where you had saved the game, plus I think you had to erase the internal CD memory to get the game to load as well, rather than being able to use the Cart to load it up if the game was saved on the CD drive too.

However, the Cart's still very much worth it, although I don't know how easy they are to come across in the wild; maybe, if you could luck out, a used gaming dealer who's not very knowledgeable about these things would let you have a copy for real cheap:

Dealer: I don't know what the hell that thing is, it says it's for the Sega CD, but it ain't a CD! Must be some kind of misprint! So it's only two bucks.

Buyer (trying to keep from laughing in his face): Sure, I'll take a chance with it. (pays money)

Dealer: Thanks, have a nice day!

Buyer (mumbling): Mooooooron.

Dealer: Sorry, what did you say?

Buyer: Uh, I SAID it will give me more on my Sega CD player!

Dealer: Oh, ok, whatever. 10/10

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