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6  |  Sometimes You Just Need Something Simple, Part 2 (WarZone Review, PC)
Darryl B. , 5/31/2006 6:53:42 PM
(Part 1 was in regards to my Microvision Block Buster review a while back, by the way. Anyway...)

"Plug and play".

With some devices for your computer, that pretty much sums it up.

The same goes for WarZone as well, pretty much: it's just simple arcade goodness, with very little to learn, as you can just immediately jump in and play it.

Rather than concentrating on a story of us against the commies' tanks, stopping some invading enemy force (commies), or making your way through several waves of an enemy force (probably commies again) until you find and destroy their experimental weapon/base/whatever, this just skips any lengthy storyline and gets to good old arcade blasting action.

Taking it's cue from Battlezone -- with it's vector look, you being in a tank, shooting tanks, obstacles to block enemy tanks' fire, a radar to help you out, etc. -- you're in a vector-like battlefield crawling with enemy tanks. You just shoot shoot shoot away until one of their turrets starts turning around; once that happens, you need to flee like any sissy, non-military pencil-neck geek civilian who couldn't make it through boot camp (let alone an actual mission) before the damage to your tank reaches 100%. If that happens, it's game over then. You can flee or put an obstacle in between you and the enemy tank, although those can also block your movements if you're not careful and not paying attention to what's happening around you (which will probably happen occasionally, once you start getting caught up with the action in this game).

And that's all you do. An onscreen counter will let you know how many waves of tanks you've destroyed, but I don't think it ever ends; I've gone through nearly a dozen waves, which there's no interruption or bonus for getting through a wave, a shield recharge, etc. At least the control is perfect, as long as your keyboard is working, the thunderous sounds will keep you more than awake, and the graphics aren't bad, although the ones in Tank Hunter are better...

Oh yeah, Tank Hunter: huge, huge improvement over this game, and made by the same person. It's spoiled me, as there's many different targets, three different kinds of power-ups (WarZone has zero), and a bunch of missions to go through. I enjoyed WarZone years ago, but then once I found Tank Hunter, I can't play this one any more, as I would have given it a higher rating than I am now.

Oh well. If you need a quick shooting fix (a game of Tank Hunter can go on for a loooong time), this should do it for you. But if you want a similar game with more depth, Tank Hunter is the online game to go for. Heck, even the original Battlezone had more depth too, with different enemies and all.

Oh well, sometimes simple can be a good thing. (WarZone can be played at http://www.gamegateway.com/out/game.php?GID=310 ) 6/10

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