Wire Hang Redux
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7  |  Falling -- Or Flying, Rather -- For Wire Hang
Darryl B. , 12/12/2005 1:39:51 PM
It's funny, years and years and years ago -- back in the late 1980s -- I had downloaded a freeware game at one point called Pitfall. No, not that Pitfall, this one was just a scrolling game comprised of ASCII graphics of a ship descending an endless tunnel; you collected asterisks (if I remember correctly) for points and tried not to bash into any walls, as bashing into a certain number of wall segments (probably three) ended your game.

I've since played a couple of Atari 2600 homebrews sort of similar to that years and years later -- funny how the more things change, the more things stay the same -- called Go Down and Fall Down.

And now there's Wire Hang Redux, which is the same concept all over again, although in the exact opposite: this time around, you're constantly going up.

This is THE shortest, most addicting game you'll ever play (maybe even shorter than a game of Dragster for the 2600), as a game could literally last only a few seconds; a long game, on the other hand, could last 45, if not a whopping minute and a half.

Like I said, you're trying to go up for as long as you can here. You control some girl who's got a grappling hook, which you must constantly aim in a forever land (sky?) of platforms that scroll with the screen. Latch your grappling hook onto a platform, you're raised a bit higher, miss and it's game over if you fall off the screen. The higher you're thrust into the air, the more of a bonus you're going to get, which is measured by the values of Good, Wonderful and Marvelous, along with a Recovery, which is when you're almost totally off the screen (in the game over zone), but your hook latches onto the bottom of a platform right before you die.

And that's it. You could play DOZENS of games just within a matter of minutes. It's amazing how so simple a game could be so addicting, but it is. The graphics aren't bad, and the controls are as however good your mouse is working, but I can't rate the sound because I'm not hearing any, for some reason, although it says in the readme file that comes with the game that there supposedly are sounds. However, the graphics are slightly different on the creator's site, so maybe that's a later version of it with sound (this is a version I got from a cd of a Retro Gamer mag).

Only bad thing about this game is it's hectic-assed pace, as I don't know why the dumb bitch has to constantly fly through the air, as she needs to stop to take a breather at some point (by drinking some decaf).

Just be prepared to think that you're only going to sit down with a "few" games of this to finding 20 or more minutes have passed by in no time at all. 7/10

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