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6  |  Super Talking Jeopardy
EricDaNerd , 3/22/2007 3:04:52 PM

Me and my friends have been fans of Jeopady games for years.  This is the latest one I've aquired.
So here it is and yes, it talks.  You'll hear our smile freaky host(not Alex Trebek by the way) shout out "Let's play jeopardy, or "correct", or "for $1500" etc...
This Jeopardy game has fewer catergories it seems than some others I've played, so I think that probably the aforementioned "talking" gimmick stole most of the memory on the cartridge.
"Gimmick" is probably an unfair word.  The talking does add some character to the game.  Other decent sounds are the claps contestants excitedly make to themselves sometimes after nailing a question and of course that infectious Jeopardy theme song.
Gameplay starts with you picking your moniker(up to 5 letters please)and then you get to pick your avatar.  There are a few various faces to pick through.  Not many though.  You'll also notice while perusing through these funny faced contestants that none are people of color.  Now this didn't bother me at first but would it have really been that hard to palette swap at least a face or two?  Again I can probably blame this on lack of memory on the cart.  Of course, with some imagination, you could always just pretend the world has eaten or imprisoned every white person and now these lonesome few must play a twisted game of trivia and knowhow in order to gain freedom, money, and a pat on the back.  After your name and face have been chosen you get to play the game.
In case you already know how Jeopardy works please feel free to skip this next bit in the review.  Now someone starts the round by selecting an answer off the board.  The answer will be under a square that's represented by a dollar amount.  Picking a high dollar amount should give you a harder answer to solve.  After the answer has been picked it's posted on the screen to be read and the first to buzz in with the correct question gets the money.  Also the answers are broken up into categories.  These categories are at the top of the board and can range from classical movies to weapons to presidents...etc.  You and the rest of the contestants will clear the board of answers for two rounds(Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy where the money is doubled) then it's on to the last round(Final Jeopardy) where you are given a category and must bet a cash amount based on how confident you are with your knowledge of that category.  After everyone's bet is made it's time to see the answer and guess your question.  Whoever has the most money at the end is the winner. 
The winner gets a password that he or she can use to play the semi-final round and then earn another password to play the final round.  Here's another negative though because if you're playing with friends(I really wouldn't bother playing these games otherwise) then you need to get a password for each player to play in the harder rounds.  Not that big a deal really because the harder rounds just mean harder computer opponents not harder questions but it's still kinda annoying.
Summing up!
I like the character designs.  The faces the characters make can be funny and entertaining for awhile but there are so few really and that could lead to staleness really fast.  More(and more diverse) faces would have made this game better.  Also the "talking" bit isn't all that great.  I would have traded it easily for more catergories as these tend to repeat quite a bit.  Luckily you do have the option to press select to get a new set of catergories at the start of every round.  Also it should go without saying that some of the questions are little dated.  This review being written in 2007 and this game being from good old 1990.
But they didn't ruin the old Jeopardy formula so it's still good old Jeopardy fun.  Recommended!


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