Fight Night Round 3
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9  |  Fight Night Round 3: Does it Go the Distance?
bigl69st , 4/4/2006 5:03:39 PM
This game had the ability to garner a 10 out of me had I wrote this review after my first hour of play; however I'm going to explore a few details that bother me about this title. It's no secret this game captures the beauty of every hook, jab, and uppercut in amazing high quality detail, but the knockdowns all seem a little redundant to me. I may be nitpicking here, but to me every knockdown in the game looks like a 'roll your eyes into the back of your head, send you into convulsions' knockdown. As a boxing fan in general I know this to not be the way of a lot of fights. Where's the "I got caught on the chin, and landed on my ass, but bounced right up, because I wasn't really hurt just caught off balance" knockdown? Why after pounding my opponent for five rounds does he go down like he just had a cerebral hemmorage just to get up after a seven-count without looking the least bit woozy at all? Also, knockdown replay shows a wad of saliva shoot out of your opponents mouth which is a nice touch and all, but damn, that doesn't happen in every instance in real life like it does in the game!

Another thing that bothers me is the announcer. He is usually on the mark when calling what hits/combos land, but he is so darn repetitive. I assumed on the 360 I would pretty much never hear the same thing twice, but I think I've heard pretty much all he has to say after ten fights. One thing the game did to surprise me though, was before a big fight it went to the pre-fight weigh-in which I had never seen before. While it was showing our weigh-in my opponent sucker-punched me and a minigame began, in which I had no idea what to do because I wasn't expecting it and I got my ass handed to me. I actually got pissed about that, and made sure I knocked the dude out by the third round. So maybe I'm wrong- I've played about twenty-five fights so far, I figure I've heard/saw everything there is to hear in it, but maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully I'm wrong, because if I hear "He didn't see that one coming, and we all know the ones you don't see are the ones that hurt" one more time I'm gonna put that theory to the test on my annoying next door neighbor.

There's just two more things that bother me about this game; not enough mind you to say it's not a must have for 360 owners just as maybe something EA can look into changing in future installments. While the rings and arenas all look amazing (as do all the boxers themselves) I have a problem with the spectators in the stands. I couldn't believe on a next-gen console I'd actually have to still see this. Picture this: You're looking into the stands at a group of maybe twenty-five spectators, but there are only five different people. What makes that worse is the fact the five guys with the blue shirts and black pants are doing the same exact thing at the same exact time, so it sticks out even worse that there isn't much variety in the stands.

Finally, the last thing that bothers me is the boxer selection. I think there's somewhere around twenty-seven boxers if I'm not mistaken. There should be over fifty in my opinion. The thing that really irritated me was the fact I'm still seeing Mickey Ward in these games. Yes people, I know Ward and Gatti fought two blood baths, but let's get real: they're both second-rate fighters, especially Ward. I mean Floyd Maywether Jr. totally dominated Gatti last year and probably could've done the same to Ward the same night after fighting Gatti, and he's not even in the game! I don't even like Mayweather, hell I was even rooting for Gatti during that fight, but to not have who many consider the best pound-for-pound boxer in boxing right now in this game is unfathomable to me. Why must I look at that fat steroid-taking pig James Toney and at the same time not see George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, or Rocky-freaking-Marciano? Where's Julio Ceasar Chaves? How about Macho Camacho? Shane Mosley doesn't deserve a spot in this game anymore, but Oscar De la Hoya does?

There are way more boxers I could name that got snubbed (even though they were in previous games) including one I absolutely need to see in a realistic boxing game before i die. Well, actually it's two: Pre rape/jail Mike Tyson and Post rape/Jail Mike Tyson. Tell me that wouldn't be two cool characters to have. You pick pre Mike with the black trunks, and the beach towel with the hole cut into the center draped over his chest, and just knock people out. Or.... you could pick post Mike with the bald head and bad tattoo placement, and your cheap shot would be to bite your opponents ear! Then imagine this: you play career mode with Mike Tyson where it starts you out as the young unbeatable Iron Mike then eventually evolves you into the eye tattooed, ear biting, getting knocked out by Germans who aren't even known in Germany Mike Tyson.

Well, I've rambled on enough about Tyson. Bottom line: 8.5 out of 10. Like I said if I was basing this solely on graphics, game play, and sound it would get a 10. However this is by no means a game anyone should avoid whether your a boxing fan or just a fan of quality video games.

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