NBA Live 06
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7  |  NBA Live 06 Review
larsoncc , 4/9/2006 10:58:41 AM
The following is an audio review.  The text that follows is the summary that appeared on the main page of the site on 04/05/2006.

In today's cast, I review NBA Live 06 for the Xbox 360. This is actually a slightly older cast (that I recorded in the car, sorry about the background noise). There are a lot of things to love about NBA Live. Unfortunately, there's also a lot to hate about the game.

Pros: The graphics are absolutely unreal, and the game is pretty well refined.

Cons: The freethrow shooting system sucks, and the achievements can be simulated in this title.

I give you the rundown over the course of 10 minutes. I own the game, but should you? Stay tuned to find out for yourself.

Download Today's cast - 10 minutes, 17 seconds, and it's a mere 5MB. Check it out!

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