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9  |  Jaws With Typing?
Darryl B. , 12/24/2005 7:16:58 PM
Typer Shark is a pretty amusing typing game, even more interesting than several past typing games on computers that I've encountered where you must type away to protect a spaceship and all from advancing letters (since, if there's a sci-fi themed game out there, I'm totally all over it). It can get pretty intense, which is why I don't even really consider this to be an educational game, as I can't really imagine it will help improve your typing skills. But who knows.

This game can be played online at www.yahoo.com (in the Games section, of course). Rather than taking a defensive stand in this game, you don't maneuver, nor interact your character with anything in the game, just type as quickly and accurately as you can to save your life and snag as much treasure as possible (hmmm, an idea for an RPG-themed typing game is now coming to mind...).

Here your character is lowered down to a shipwreck while sharks, through the miracle of modern science (I guess), are patrolling the waters with words on them. Each time you type a letter that's on a shark, it will be momentarily stunned with each keystroke you type; finish the word, and it goes belly up. Schools of piranhas also show up, which each piranha fish will only consist of one letter, number or character on them, although it's just as satisfying a feeling to seeing piranha after piranha after piranha flip up towards the surface as well as you destroy 'em (/type them all to death?) all.

Once you make it to the shipwreck, you've got several seconds to type as many words as possible before your air runs out (so what happens NEXT? Are you just yanked back up to your boat as you black out? A bit of a continuity error there...). However, you'll recover some coveted jewel from the wreck, then it's off to the next shipwreck site. You also have a zapper charging up as you start out, which will zap all the sharks or piranhas in sight in case you get too swarmed, but it takes a while to charge up, and it'll be a while before you can use it again.

Some pretty slick ideas were incorporated into this game as it's difficulty increases: sharks can take two, or even up to three words each to type before they become [sea] worm food. There are also "ghost" sharks and piranhas whose words you won't see until they start getting close (guess they were playing around in toxic waters for too long before settling in your area?). Letters in some words can also change (sharks that were on drugs now?), appear backwards, etc. Fun, fun stuff...

However, on the flip side, helping you out are bonuses for getting batches of words perfectly and/or high accuracy (unless you just set the game at an easy level, you wimpy sea minnow you). Your words per minute are also shown at the end of each level as well.

The graphics are cute (except for the piranhas, but then they're ugly-assed fish to begin with), and even though a swarm of piranhas will engulf you or a shark will carry off your diver in it's mouth if it gets too close, there's no blood or anything, as this game barely merits a PG rating (if even that much). And of course a rendition of the Jaws theme will play as a warning when you're about to go to Davy Jones' locker, as the sounds are pretty good as well.

However, if you're a good typist and have a decent internet connection (if you're still on dial-up), this is a pretty long game; I think I've gotten close to beating it, as I've spent 45 minutes playing it and making over two or three million points. I don't know how many shipwrecks there are, but there's a bunch, so don't expect a game of this to last like a lot of those "other" online games that will only take a few minutes. There's also a downloadable version of it with additional levels (!), stuff to unlock, and more.

The only other gripe I have with this game (along with it's long playing time) is that it runs uneven at times, giving you several easy, then longer words mixed together. But it's just a minor thing though, as this still can be a pretty fun, hectic game, just as long as you like to type, like I do, believe it or not. Wait, I've done over 80 reviews now; yeah, that's probably not too hard to believe, duh. (Oh well, at least I don't lay any false claims that this game makes you think, eh? Shiver me timbers!)

Gads, Yahoo has over 250 games now. Something to keep you busy for a long time, matey... 9/10

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