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Ask The Community

In chapter four of Spongbob Squarepants Movie Game (PC version) what do you do after you put the glue on the mirror?
2/13/2006 2:42:34 PM

(posted: 2/28/2006 6:32:14 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

Tell the guard there is a sea monster he will look out the window and get stuck in the glue.

i cant get spongebob to do a bash move when he is on the bash platform.this is the x box game
3/18/2006 3:03:59 PM

(posted: 8/15/2006 12:58:52 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Press The X or Y button

I am stuck on level 3 and I do not know how to fry the ice cream.
7/14/2006 6:54:10 PM

(posted: 12/4/2006 11:13:26 PM) Answer Courtesy of Ryan: Go into the Krusty Krab 2 and fry it in the kitchen.

How do you get the jetpack in second chapter?
12/26/2006 8:06:00 PM

(posted: 2/7/2007 4:57:03 PM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: Use the mop you collected near the file cabinet and go to the kitchen and use the mop to mess up the words. The Spongebob robot should move and you should get the jetpack.

I cannot load the game- it comes up with 'Has encountered problem sb4.exe.' What do I do?
1/12/2007 6:04:00 PM

(posted: 5/12/2007 11:17:02 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously:

well i can help you , what i would do is take it back or i would leave it. but if you like

it that much then take it back and get a new one.

How do I get the crown in Chapter 7 SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie PC game?
3/25/2007 12:05:47 PM

(posted: 5/12/2007 11:16:48 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: First you need to go down the desk then go left then there is another desk go up the desk go on top of the register and press the button go off the desk then a lunch box is open take the onion go back to spongebob and use the onion the sprinklers are activated and the "cyclops" is gone get the crown and get the heck out of here!

How do i clean the crown in chapter 4 on spongebob squarepants the movie pc game???
4/11/2007 6:55:25 PM

(posted: 10/5/2010 6:39:17 AM)

ypu dont have to clean the crown u have to clean the mirrow to do that u must go down to the dungens and talk to the keeper then u must go to libery and pick up the book on the coffe table and take it to the dungen keep and he will let u past to see the crown clean and ask him to clean it for u!!!

how do i pass thei think third level the thing bout the hotel
12/22/2008 4:45:42 PM

(posted: 5/9/2010 9:32:59 PM)

 ask the manager for permission to go under the hotel. Take the pearls. give to old lady she will give u the orb


On level one of spongebob squarepants the movie when I get the spatula from the kitchen the chest in spongebob's bedroom doesn't open. What should I do?
2/7/2009 4:21:20 PM

(posted: 4/26/2009 7:38:23 PM)

look on the botom of the screen and make sure it says "open chest with spatula" or something like that(u might need to drag it aroun a bit neer the chest)!!!!

in chapter 6 how do you put the jacket on because it will noth let me?
5/9/2009 10:33:48 PM

(posted: 6/9/2009 8:51:33 AM)

you just push the action button


How to get the Orb in chapter 5
6/5/2009 8:16:11 AM

(posted: 6/28/2009 9:44:02 AM)

to get the orb you need to go get under the hotel where there is an oyster bed , next to the bed is victoria's pearls take the pearls and take them to victoria(the old lady) then as a reward she will give you the orb 



if you need more help i fopund a really good walkthorugh the link is:

enjoy   :)

how do you beat chapter 6 and get the uniform
7/24/2009 12:45:35 AM

(posted: 5/26/2010 7:20:49 PM)

You have to keep getting information from everyone in the hotel.

And Than go down the road to your right and go in the cave and

get the flashlight from the little guy and come back to the hotel,look in the holes with

the flashlight and go in the HUGE hole under the hotel.

There you will see a clam sleeping

,take the pearls,and return them to victoria

how do you get the jacket on because i drag it to sponge bob and it says thats not gonna work chapter 6
8/3/2009 2:51:12 PM

(posted: 9/2/2009 12:02:43 PM)

go to the hot springs put the jumper in and it should go smaller


I know the guard is used to distract Dolly in the stables but how do you clean the mirror?
11/15/2009 11:15:04 AM

(posted: 11/22/2009 10:55:36 PM)

 Talk to the Jailer in the dungeon, ask all the questions, and he'll say that he needs a jailer book to let you go into the cells. Go into the library and get the dungeon book on the table. Go back to the dungeon and give the book to the Jailer. Then he'll let you go into the cells. In the cells you will find the Royal Crown Polisher. Ask him all the questions and he will clean your mirror.

How do you get the stethoscope from the chiropractor in Chapter 6? When I try I ask the first question he answers but the chiropractor ignores all my other questions.
11/22/2009 10:15:04 AM

(posted: 12/14/2009 11:24:05 AM)

Talk to him till sb mentions the protesters. sb will ask for a peace offering thats how you get the stethoscope

"What do you do when you have the tar on the stick?"
11/25/2009 6:37:09 PM

(posted: 1/4/2010 2:07:58 PM)

 you combine the shell with the stick then you put it in the marked (x)

Who took Victoria's pearls?
11/29/2009 10:46:07 AM

(posted: 12/14/2009 11:23:53 AM)

This took me a long time but i did it, first u need to go down the road till you get to a cave go in it and talk to the explorer. he'll give you his flash light. Go back to the hotel and go to room one. Look in the holes. go back outside the hotel and go under it u'll see an oster and the pearls are under the bed grab them and go back to Victoria's room give her the pearls and she'll give you an orb u'll need it later when you return to the cave. 

where do you get the guitar in chapter 8 ?? to free the people from the chum bucket hats
3/27/2010 6:23:57 PM

(posted: 11/10/2010 5:45:54 AM)

you first go to the krusty krab and ther should be a guy playing a guiter.take the gutair

4/8/2010 5:17:19 AM
How do i help spongebob from dying
4/18/2010 7:28:20 AM

(posted: 11/9/2011 5:20:43 AM)

i think you get an object get water put it on the wire it turns off the lamp and water goes down and spongebob comes back to life

how to clothe spongebob
6/4/2010 1:04:21 PM

(posted: 6/13/2010 9:29:17 PM)

Get the spatula from the kitchen and then go to sb bedroom and right click to bring up menu. Click on spatula and drag it over the chest to make it open. the clothes are inside. jope this helped

how do i get the spatular off the thug
7/23/2010 11:17:33 AM

(posted: 7/29/2010 6:08:30 AM)

Talk to the guys at the gas station, get the sheet music from the garage, enter the Thug Tug, and give the sheet music to the twins. Use the soap dispenser in the bathroom and ask the bartender to refill it. Use the soap dispenser to create bubbles. This provides the distraction for getting the keys.


what do u do after u have put the jumper one sb in chapter 6
8/2/2010 6:15:21 AM

(posted: 11/10/2010 5:45:51 AM)

you go to the maze located right of the doctors then you get two places to finish then you should get to a shop go inside and talk to the shop owner if you have the jumper on he'll let you through to the back room there you shall find the leader of the protest talk to him then he'll go. then it's self explainatry.

what do u do with the steaspcope
8/5/2010 8:17:30 AM

(posted: 10/16/2010 5:43:38 PM)

after u havce got the stepicope u take it to the protest !

erm if u know what u do after u have put the sweater on plz awser the question above im stuck

how do u get squidwards toothpaste???
12/18/2010 5:22:50 PM

(posted: 2/9/2011 5:36:44 AM) you turn off his radio then go to spongebobs house phone him and then go back to sqwidwards house and grab the toothpaste!!!!!!

How do I get into lumbar louies office? on level 6?
1/22/2011 7:18:21 AM

(posted: 11/9/2011 5:20:48 AM)

 There is a nail on one of the rocks take it back  and the lady will let you in.

how do I get the uniform on level 6?
1/22/2011 8:56:24 AM

(posted: 3/12/2013 10:32:00 PM)

you go through the dark maze, then go to the hot springs of  water, dip the uniform in it,  then put it on Sponge Bob.

how do you complete Spongebob Scquarepants Movie chapter 5 enchanted
1/22/2011 11:50:16 AM

(posted: 1/5/2012 5:46:11 AM)

all you have to do is go to the hotel and talk to mrs.ellen and she will tell you about her missing pearls and then you need to talk to the manager and then go to the cavern and talk to the exploerer and he'll give you the flashlight then you need to go look in the holes and seethe clams has the pearls and then get the orb from them and then go to the cavern and go through the corridor of confusion and then look into your future then right click and put the orb on the door....... you can take the rest from there:)

How do you get the peace offering from Dr. Louie. I can't figure out how to get in their to ask for it.
3/5/2011 8:53:06 PM

(posted: 5/13/2013 4:29:48 AM)

You go outside of the docter's shell, put your mouse over the rocks and you will see a sea urchin spine, talk to the lady and she will let you in, ask for the peace offering, and there!

how do you open the chest in level 1
3/13/2011 7:05:46 PM

(posted: 10/5/2011 7:53:25 PM)

you find the spatula in the kitchen and go upstairs. do right click and put spatula near chest .  

How to go to under the hotel from which way
7/4/2011 12:18:12 PM

(posted: 4/2/2012 5:43:23 PM)

go to a room and click on holes then talk to the person about them talk to the red guy if i were u he'll say he saw a clam come out of a hole then get the flashlight from guy in cave. then use flashlight on hole. then ask manager if can go under then u can. when u go under u find the pearls. then give it to the old lady in room one then u have the orb. the rest is a littie tricky


When i go to open the chest there is no button or anything to use the spatula or anything like that how do i open the chest then
8/12/2011 11:55:42 AM

(posted: 11/9/2011 5:20:25 AM)

 when you have the spatula go to the spongebob's room click the oppisete of enter on the mouse then the spatula will come up on the top screen hold and drag to spongebob's chest and it will open

how do you get the tooth paste from squidward
3/9/2012 8:13:51 PM

(posted: 10/4/2012 4:19:31 AM)

call him then go to his house and go up stair in the bathroom and there is the tooth paste


What do i do on the 2nd level to get the jet pack?
3/24/2012 7:55:19 PM
how u fix phone in chapter 1
6/14/2012 4:00:46 PM

(posted: 2/25/2013 5:40:09 AM)

 All you have to do is get the alarm and scare the guy and you fix it by just clicking on it.

were do u put the password to unlock all chapters and were do u type it ?
10/10/2012 9:50:41 AM