Nostromo n52 SpeedPad
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  • 2003
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  • $30.00
  • Everyone


Gameplay / Overview
Nostromo n52 SpeedPad is hardware made for the PC, and is a single player experience.

Nostromo n52 SpeedPad is available in stores nationwide. In good condition, the game is worth about $30.00. Nostromo n52 SpeedPad was released in 2003.

Nostromo n52 SpeedPad is rated E for Everyone.
Story / Plot / Characters

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(4/16/2006 2:44:43 AM)
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Where can I find game profiles for this device? Please do not respond with "the Belkin Website...." Thanks in advance.
12/30/2006 7:07:06 AM

(posted: 12/22/2007 11:25:28 PM) Answer Courtesy of larsoncc: I haven't seen any user created profiles created on the web, but since it allows you to create your own custom profiles, you should be able to adapt the controller to your specific needs.  The n52 is not currently supported in Windows Vista, so it's possible that you're running on a "dead end" product, and you may have a more difficult time getting support as time goes on.  Sorry.

Nostromo n52 SpeedPad (press shot of the hardware)