Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
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8  |  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest(SNES). Feel the Mysticism Flow
chick3_16 , 6/4/2003 9:02:30 PM
Final Fantasy Mystic quest is an RPG for beginners. At the low price of $40 US at release, it was a bargain. It was also one of the first SNES games I ever received. As a more seasoned RPG player, the game didn't challenge me all that much with its battles, but the puzzles in the game (especially Falls Basin) were a bit more difficult to figure out, and it made the game rewarding.

FF:MQ centres around Benjamin, who comes home to see his world being torn apart and the four crystals having lost their light. He is sent to revive the light of the four crystals. Along the way, he meets four friends who fight with him at various points in the game. The story is basic with little plot progression, almost like what a first time user of RPG Builder would come up with. This is, of course, fine for its target audience. It gave me a greater love of RPGs playing through it. Though many hardcore FF fans don't include this game in their lists, it is worthy of being mentioned for turning a few people on to the FF series. It was certainly a good price.

Graphics wise, the game was quite good for 1992. Square never failed in that department. The soundtrack was actually quite enjoyable and the play was easy to follow, easy to control. With no active-time battle, one could grab a meal or two during a battle before returning and not suffer a scratch. The game also included many innovations like battlefields and actually seeing where your enemies were.

Eventually, the game becomes easy once you figure out its secrets, and the greatest challenge is not in beating the game, but seeing how fast you can get to Doom Castle (a former Nintendo Power challenge, I did it in 2:30ish) or to the last battle. Since you could save anywhere, it was easy to start again.

To sum this game up, I give it an 8 out of 10. For those who don't like RPGs or have never played one (maybe for that reason), this game is for you. I recommend this to everyone who isn't a closed-minded hardcore FF gamer. Anyone can beat it. The game looks great, and sounds even better. Give it a whirl. It may turn you onto RPGs yet. it loses points for including an easy way to do battles (see codes for that way).

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