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Gameplay / Overview
Mario Is Missing! is an educational game for the SNES. It was published by Nintendo.

Story / Plot / Characters

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how to play mario is missing
3/17/2005 1:34:42 PM

(posted: 2/2/2006 6:53:34 AM) Answer Submitted Anonymously: dear whoever asked this,
U play mario is missing by looking for the artifacts and look for the lady by the paper stand and try to get the artifact macthing it and she'll say that if it's not the right one if it is guess the right answer and complete all artifacts and how u look for them is kill the coopas by jumping on them and eventully an artifact will appear and when u complete all artifacts in the level u were in the spiny thingy should not be there! thanks for saying the question i have beat the game and i am 11 am my name is (Editor note - name removed to protect this user's privacy.).

can you die in this game?
3/16/2006 9:22:37 PM

(posted: 6/2/2006 12:44:17 AM) Answer Courtesy of No.

How do you get out of the first city?
12/14/2006 10:05:35 PM
How to beat mario is missing
7/19/2007 6:16:54 PM