Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars
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  • Nintendo
  • Square Enix
  • Adventure - RPG (example - Dragon Warrior)
  • 5/9/1996
  • 1
  • built in saving system
  • 4
  • $18.00
  • ?
10  |  Super Mario RPG (SNES), The RPG For Everyone
chick3_16 , 5/22/2003 10:33:11 AM
In the mid 90s, Square had a bit of a falling out with Nintendo, and Final Fantasy 7 went to the Playstation. Before the squabble however, Square ended its Nintendo run with a bang, by producing a beginner's style RPG that anyone can have a lot of fun with. Put the mascot in the game and voila, instant classic.

After the princess gets kidnapped and you rescue her, a giant sword named Smithy sticks himself right into Bowser's castle and kicks everyone out. Now he's the one that has to go. So Mario sets out to kick the sword out. Along the way, zany plot twists occur that have Bowser being a good guy and the Princess being kidnapped for a whacko marriage. As an RPG alone, SM:RPG is very short, and though it has some story to it, nothing spectacular.

Of course, as a video game, SM:RPG absolutely rocks. The RPG story is whimsical and often amusing. The quest for the 7 stars is quite the trek, not becuase it's hard (it's not), but because there is so much fun along the way that you want to forget Smithy and have fun. Mini games are all over this quest. From climbing the hill catching bugs to racing Yoshi for cookies to stomping goombas in pipes to an optional fight with an other-worldly being featuring boss music from FFIV, you will not put this cart down for a very long time.

Overall, SM:RPG has great graphics, play control is perfect, the music is dead on, and the phasers are set to "fun". There is no reason to own a SNES system and not play this cart. 10 out of 10, even serious RPG fans get caught up in the side games-a-plenty.

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