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9  |  Tetris 2 Review (SNES)
larsoncc , 7/8/2003 3:54:10 AM

Tetris 2 (pic) I've played at least a dozen different varieties of Tetris.  I think it's fair to say that I might have enjoyed a quick game of Tetris now and again....  You know, to pass the time.  You might say:

  • I have had Tetris dreams.  Detailed, multi-level Tetris dreams.
  • I forget to blink when I play, and when I realize that I've got to blink, I really don't want to, because I know the icy grip of the air will drop me like a punch to the gut....
  • I actually have a detailed opinion about the Tengen vs Nintendo debate.  Hell, I know what that sentence means.
  • The "Tetris music" runs through my head any time I think about the game.
  • I've played Tetris on no less than 5 different types of system (NES, SNES, PC, PS2, Game Boy).
  • I've got Tetris on a key chain.  I bought it claiming that it was for the wife.  I lied, just so I could have more Tetris around.
  • When someone asks me "How big is your rocket?", I respond with a knowing smile and a bruised thumb.
  • A quick game lasts at least twenty minutes.
  • I think it's funny to try to rotate the square.
  • I've lapsed into a Tetris induced coma.

Just about the time that I think I'm free from the addiction, another variety of Tetris comes along to rip months of my life away. 

Tetris 2, oh, how I know thee.  The Super Nintendo had a rash of pseudo-classics come out for it within the span of a year.  The big rush for these titles was intensified by how much "catching up" the SNES had to do to (the Genesis was some tough competition). 

Tetris 2 for the Super Nintendo is an odd flavor of Tetris, and I promise you, it is one that that will keep your eyes dry and your fingers numb.  Not only was this the version of Tetris that put two-player back into the picture, it's also the version that put special blocks and puzzle modes into the picture. 

Tetris 2, Game Type B (pic) Graphics

Graphically, Tetris has never been much of anything special.  However, this version has a nice "kids" theme that makes for a nice change, and it's certainly very much like a Nintendo game.


The sound in this version of Tetris is nowhere near as addictive as the first Nintendo Tetris.  It presents a nice, airy feel - pretty light hearted while keeping your concentration. 

Game Play

The magic begins once you start playing Tetris 2.  It's hard to know how addictive the game is until you play.  There are two or three major modes of play.  Standard mode pits you against a world of falling blocks.  Arrange the blocks so that the blocks form lines, and hence, disappear.  Not too different from the original Tetris mind you, but some of the pieces behave differently.  The rules are a bit different, too - heck, the definition of a "line" is different!  There are several block varieties that have a "split" in them.  When one end of the block gets laid, the other end of the block breaks free for you to place anywhere else.  A quick hand and a quick thought can gain you many levels in this game.  Further, the main object of Tetris 2 is a lot like Dr. Mario.  To form "lines", you match colors.  Match three of the same color, either vertically or horizontally, and the line disappears.  One of the main modes of the game has you aiming to get rid of specific flashing blocks to advance a level. 

There is a Puzzle mode to Tetris 2, as well.  It is nothing short of wonderful, and frustrating, and addictive.  The object of Puzzle mode is to complete a level using three or four specific tiles.  There are more than 70 levels in this mode - it's so EASY to burn time playing this way, that it's shocking.  It's a fantastic addition to how Tetris is played.

Of course, the majority of Tetris 2 players were and are interested in the two-player mode.  This mode is done excellently, and offers standard options - like a handicap.  Two-player mode is very well balanced because of the ability to handicap, and offers an experienced player an opportunity to play with a new player. 


Tetris 2 is not only a worthy addition to the Tetris line, it's also a fantastic addition to anyone's SNES library.  This game tends to be a bit more on the expensive side, but for you and a buddy, nothing beats a few hours playing Tetris 2.  It's a game for all ages, and it's a game that'll stand the test of the ages.  I give Tetris 2 a 9/10, and hopefully, you'll see me in a week when I'm done playing.

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