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10  |  Would you like Tetris with That? (Tetris Attack Review, SNES)
nightelf_ds , 5/2/2003 5:51:37 PM
"Would You Like Tetris With That?"
"Yes, I would - with a side order of super puzzle fun."
If you have played Pokemon puzzle league for the N64 or Pokemon puzzle challenge for the Game Boy Color, this game will be very familiar.

In this game, you start with a number of rows of colored blocks. Your objective: sort the blocks and get rid of them all.
You sort out the color blocks to make a row of 3 so they will disappear. If you manage to pull off a combo you can add blocks to your opponent.

There are secrets to the game, so you will have to play more to find them out. When you beat an opponent in the adventure mode you will advance through a path, sometimes the path has a split so you will have to choose where you go.

There are a number of characters to choose from in multi player mode. Multi-player mode has 2 modes to choose from, you can switch between time mode and normal mode. In time mode the clock will count down and when it stops, who ever has the most blocks lose. In normal mode it is who ever finishes first or whose blocks reach the top first.

Since this and Bust-A-Move are my only favorite puzzle games I give Tetris Attack a 10.

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