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8  |  Battlechess, With Battle!
agenfell , 5/23/2003 11:49:05 PM
First, imagine a chessboard, but each of your typical chess pieces have been replaced with fantasy equivalents. Pawns have become foot soldiers or goblins, bishops are dragons/doppelgangers, rooks are banshees or valkeries, and so on.

Now, imagine that when you "capture" a piece, the two pieces enter a battlefield, and you control your piece as it battles the other piece to the death.

Now imagine that some pieces are stronger than others, and that the cyclically-changing color of the squares also influences the strengths of each participant.


Some pieces fly, and each side has a magic-using piece that has several spells available for its use (once per game).

Yes, this all describes ARCHON.

Gameplay is surprisingly easy to pick up, but the computer's AI is good enough at the game that when you beat the computer, it's satisfying. ...the real strength in this game is playing against your friends, however. I have fond memories of using my sorceress to transport my basilisk onto my friend's unicorn, and not so fond memories of when he used a simple goblin to beat my troll to death.

If I owned only five NES games, Archon would be second on the list. (Zelda's just holy.)

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