Battlefield 1943
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  • Electronic Arts
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  • Action - Shooter - First Person (example - Quake)
  • 7/9/2009
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  • Hard Drive
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Gameplay / Overview

Battlefield 1943 is a critically-acclaimed First-Person Shooter (FPS) multiplayer game that GamePro magazine describes as “a triple-A title at a quarter of the price” and GameSpot says is “a rock-solid value at $15.”

Battlefield 1943 introduces two thrilling new modes where 24 players can compete across four classic WWII Battlefield maps: Wake Island, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Coral Sea. These maps are inspired by the award winning Battlefield 1942™ game, but have been redesigned and reengineered using the DICE Frostbite™ engine allowing players to rain havoc and destruction via land, sea or air. The free trial version will feature Wake Island and give players the freedom to choose from the full arsenal of weapons and vehicles on both sides of the battle, either the US Marines or Imperial Japanese Navy.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Bombing an island bunker
An island camp
Torpedoing an aircraft carrier
Bombs fall from high above
Explosive action