DJ Hero
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  • Activision
  • Red Octane
  • Music / Rhythm (example - Pa Rappa the Rapper, Music Maker)
  • 10/27/2009
  • 2
  • Hard Drive / Memory Card
  • 1
  • $60.00
  • Teen


Gameplay / Overview

DJ Hero will primarily simulate Turntablism, and will feature score attack gameplay similar to the Guitar Hero games. The controller will consist of a wireless deck consisting of a movable Turntable that supports 3 "stream" buttons, an effects dial, a crossfader, and a "Euphoria" button; a hidden panel will contain additional controller buttons to interact with the gaming console outside of the game. A portion of the controller can be detached and reattached to adapt the unit for left-handed players. Notes will travel in an arc across a spinning record on screen, and the player will hold down one of the 3 stream buttons to play notes; two buttons reflect the two songs used in that particular mix, and the third represents samples to add to the mix which can be adjusted with the effects dial.The player must also constantly adjust the crossfader to match onscreen symbols. Certain tracks will be shown on screen as a series of up or down arrow, representing scratching sections, requiring the player to turn the turntable in the direction of the arrows while holding down the button to score points. "Euphoria" is equivalent to Guitar Hero's Star Power, collected by successfully completing specific phrases in the song mix, and can be released by pressing the Euphoria button, doubling the player's current multiplier. There is also a "Rewind" meter that builds through consistent successful playing, and once full, allows the player to rewind the song to fix errors in their performance. The player must continue to perform well or their performance meter will drop and they will fail the song.

A single player career mode will be available, as well both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes ("DJ vs DJ"), playable locally or remotely. Ten songs have been specially mixed to also support gameplay with Guitar Hero and other compatible guitar controllers in a "DJ vs Guitar" mode. Players can also use a microphone for a non-scoring addition to the mix.A Jukebox mode will allow the game to automatically play the songs with the ability for a player to jump in and play at any time.

Story / Plot / Characters

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