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  • Nintendo
  • Hudson Soft
  • Adventure - Maze/Puzzle/Explore (example - Zelda,Tomb Raider)
  • 1989
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  • $6.00
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8  |  Faxanadu Review (NES)
chick3_16 , 1/17/2003 9:43:10 AM

As the 80s was drawing to a close, Nintendo logic was declining. Games were starting to make more sense. Be more realistic. Nintendo logic was in danger of going stale.

Then along came Faxanadu to rewrite the book on Nintendo logic.

Very few things in this game makes sense. I'm surprised you can still kill dwarves (the enemies, and they sure didn't look anything like dwarves. Not one) with a sword.

Among the most blatant:

  • Only the towns, items, and The Evil One have names in this game. Your hero is nameless.
  • Currency was called golds
  • Like in yeasterday's society, your title was linked to your wealth. You got better titles by getting EXP which led to starting your saved game with more golds.
  • The Black Onyx with power inside
  • The cigarette smoking key salesman and the scantily clad nurse (and the smiling doctor with her) actually do make some sense. But why stop with them, noone knows.

And we can't forget the enemies. None of them had names, but they were so unique they didn't need them. A fat guy in a hula skirt with no face shooting magic? A jumping blue cow? Some boss thing that looked like it came from Alien?

The story is basic, the world tree has no water and the dwarves are making the elves' lives miserable. The king pays you to go do something about it. You go up the tree (Nintendo logic at its best) until you reach the top and fight the Evil One. As you go, inflation really hits as things just get more and more expensive. And to top it all off, you can't return to Eolis (the Elf city) until you fix the problem.

Gameplay though makes this piece of pure Nintendo logic actually playable. The guy actually moves and jumps like a real human (read, not much) but he doesn't duck. We can't be having Nintendo pr0n now, can we?

This game is the best fantasy themed sidescroller made for the NES in my opinion. It's playable, yet you will have moments of frustration, especially if you didn't write down your mantra (password) correctly.

The game has good NES graphics, good sound, playable play control (not excellent, but playable), and is fun on many levels. Most of all, this game proved Nintendo Logic and fun could still make for a good game.

I give it an 8 overall.

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