Freedom Force
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  • Sunsoft
  • Sunsoft
  • Action - Shooter - Light Gun (example - Duck Hunt)
  • April 1988
  • ?
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  • 4
  • $5.00
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9  |  A Frantic But Fun Shooter (Freedom Force review, NES)
EricDaNerd , 3/16/2007 10:12:09 PM
Here is a forgotten but fantastic light gun game from Sunsoft. You are two law enforcers with names and guns straight out of an early 90's action flick. Your job is to take down the terrorists and thus save the hosties, all of America, and the girl! The game plays out like this: You start from left to right (and sometimes coming back). Terrorists will pop out of various hiding spots during the scroll- but don't fire too wildly because hosties and other innocents will also pop out and killing too many hostages will result in a restart of the game from the beginning but you keep your old score and health. If health drains out completely then it's a true Game Over with all of your stats resetting and your score back to zero and you looking at the player select screen.

It's a short game with only 5 scenarios but there are a few things that keep these scenarios replayable for quite awhile. First is the random aspect of how the enemies and hosties pop out, and second is the various difficulties which can be increased by shooting the square on the lower right part of the screen when you see it start to flash "HARDER". This square will also flash other various things that need to be shot, such as "health", "ammo", and even a change of weapon.  The weapon change feature is strange because changing to the grenade launcher does kill more enemies with one shot, but it also slays any hostages that may be within a few feet of them. Needless to say I've yet to see the need for it. The health icon flashes for the shortest amount of time so it's hard to grab, but health can also be gained after a set amount of points is gained which is great.

The graphics throughout are pretty good, especially the animation of bad guys getting tagged and falling out of doors and windows. Grenades and missles can be fired at and shot down before touching you too. Also, there is a nice minigame after every two scenarios. It plays out like hangman- there is a series of blank letters up top with one hint such as "person, place, or thing" and then when the letters are highlighted in white, you fire the one you think might be up there. You only get 5 errors which will then result in no bonus points for you. It's a fun minigame and a nice relaxer from the sometimes hectic gameplay.

When I say hectic, I really mean it can be quite hard if your aim isn't on point the whole time. You've really got to keep those eyes glued or you can kiss your health goodbye. Especially the last stage where guys are coming out of so many windows. Fast, exciting, and very fun. The game does have blood, bikini babes and the accidental killing of skateboarding kids and old ladies, so it might not be good for the younger crowd. But overall I do highly recommend this game to any light gun fan. It's kinda quick and just the right amount of hard. And with the random enemy placement, minigames, alternate ending and two player mode (which is just one player taking his turn at the scenario and then the next player takes his), the replay value is great too. This game can be found pretty cheap so grab it and have a blast!


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